Friday Fandangles

1) Dad photoshops his baby girl into crazy situations.

Like so...

Like so...

And - oh dear.

And - oh dear.

- -

2) Lego faces are getting angrier. Rockstar thought you should know.

angry-faced pic from

angry-faced pic from

"We cannot help but wonder how the move from only positive faces to an increasing number of negative faces impacts on how children play," someone else wanted you to know. (Ok fine, he's researcher Christoph Bartneck.)

3) Meet Deucy, the two-faced kitten

(and other animal abnormalities here). Caveat emptor: Not for the faint-hearted. Though the guy who named a previous two-faced kitten in the slides Harvey Dent is a genius. 

4) A-aand Rockstar's back on his Evantube kick. (Wow, Evan's grown some, since his 6th birthday Star Wars Lego videos...) This one's The World's Largest Gummy Worm. Again, caveat emptor - top comment when I linked it was Evan shouldn't be ordering stuff online or opening the front door by himself..... and that is a Freaking. Big. Knife his friend just gave him on his school play yard to go hack the thing up...

5) Little Smorgasbord of Links just because, from Mental Floss:

5 Strange Things Banned by Governments - Did you know video games are banned in Greece? Some of my mum friends probably want to move there now.

18 Disney Movies Never Made - Yellow Submarine was a little surprising, because of the written under the influence thing, but admit it, We-All-Live-In-A-Yellow-Submarine is just so fun to sing at 3am in the morning when the baby has already woken you only like, 7 million times.

How You Hold Your Phone Reveals If You Are Left Or Right Brained - apparently, left-brained = more analytic, objective, logical; right-brained = more creative and insightful. I need to teach the Miss to hold a phone so I can find out what baby toys to buy (kidding!).

Great Geeky Math Tattoos - Never be accused of cheating again. I. Am. Kidding.

18 Academic Papers About '90s TV Shows - hey, you want a fun thesis topic or not? Mine was something about how financial disclosures in annual reports might affect stock market prices - yyyyaaaa-aawwwwwwnn - STOP AND READ THIS IT'S FREAKING AWESOME!

Like so:

Like so:

"I'll be there for you" if you are just like me: An analysis of hegemonic social structures in Friends" - Lisa Marie Marshall. Dissertation. Bowling Green State University, 2007. Gender, race, class and how those Friends kept everyone else out of their clique. (Hey, your college kid might even thank you. No? Worth a shot... <shrugs>) - -

6) Because I mentioned "Knaidel" - How The 86th National Spelling Bee Was Won couple weeks back, here's Where National Spelling Bee Champs end up. From Harvard Law to NASA to.... Vegas?

No, former president Bush didn't win the spelling bee or become a professional poker player. But Pratyush Buddiga did.

No, person on the left didn't win a spelling bee or become a professional poker player. But Pratyush Buddiga did.



7) In honor of it almost being Father's Day, 6 Secret Uses For Diapers, from How To Be A Dad. Or, This Is What Happens When You Leave The Baby With Dad Let The Dads Blog.

Like so.

Like so.

<roll eyes> Please don't tell my older child. I'll be prying a Rockstar out of the diaper caddy for awhile... Speaking of....... photo-1319 photo-1318 photo-1317 There might have been a discussion about who would bang the drum and who would wave the oars about. Sorry forgot to wish everyone happy Dragon Boat Festival on Wed. And one more for the weekend...
And, one more for the weekend. That btw, is the barcoded child pickup tag we use for dropping off Rockstar at Sunday school High tech siah...

Just for fun... Email me if you have an idea what that is Little Miss is about to eat...

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  • mun

    Wow, you really outdid yourself with so many links for Friday. I just can’t keep up. 🙂

    Nice photos of Rockstar and Miss Rockstar playing in some children play center. I did not even know it was dragon boat festival (bak chang) last Wednesday. Hope all of you did celebrate it by going to dragon boat races and eating bak chang.

    Will email you with my guess. Have a good weekend!

    • Aileen

      oops too many links? Somehow ran into a lot at one go, considered saving some for the following week but wanted to use the word “smorgasbord” and thought 2-3 weren’t “smorgasbord” (but apparently 5 are!)

      I think Kings said he ate durian in malaysia during the dragon boat day, he wasn’t in hk then…