Things No One May Have Told You About Yet, This Friday

1) Cats Are Liquids

That I know of dis is cute, not torture right?

That I know of dis is cute, not some new age form of cat torture right?

And this is a real cat?

And this is a real cat?

I grew up with near-zero cat experience because I’m allergic and after we once got the most obnoxious half-grown stray kitten camped out in our car engine to campaign how Cats Are People Too, Especially When They Poop Under Your Hood And Anyway You Don’t Need To Drive To Work Because I Want To Caterwaul In There With My Own Filth, I doubly decided we would never get a cat. Obviously, I don’t understand them. They are mammals with claws. Some people like them, and appear to be able to live very happily with them, so I think it may actually be possible to keep one as a pet, fyi.

So anyway I don’t know if this liquid thing is something cats can normally do comfortably. But it’s on a cutesy site, not say, a demon-worship-via-animal-sacrifice site, so I took a chance and put it up.

2) The incredible dribbling skills of this 8 year old girl. You know, Rockstar came back this term and he can now catch a ball I will have you know. Most of the time in fact, and I am all proud of his new ball finesse and – oh ok, you get a vid of 8 year old who can dribble. Whatever.

3) Barbie as a “normal” woman.

Seriously, doesn't the "normal" one look nicer too?

Seriously, doesn’t the “normal” one look nicer too?

Honestly though, being Transformers And X-Men Girl I didn’t look at Barbies for quite long enough aside from the obligatory doll time when I played with my cousins and neighbors, but what I remember is loving Barbie’s face. And my natural favorite wasn’t one of the princess-y ones either, it was a sporty Tennis Barbie with tanned skin. Anyway if Little Miss wants a doll later on I was thinking I could live with Groovy Girls:

pic from

pic from

(No, she's not attracted to dolls at all so far, she's quite into mask-masak i.e. cooking at the moment...)

(No, she’s not attracted to dolls at all so far, she’s quite into mask-masak i.e. cooking at the moment…)

Not exactly good news for me, I don’t cook often, I never bake, and raw food bacteria in the kitchen from meats and fish really bother me.

(It stems from my Freakonomics moment, when Dubner and Levitt explored why parents fear certain things yet often it’s others that prove deadly (i.e. that parents are naturally bad risk assessors):

Think mad cow or avian flu where everyone dutifully breaks out sanitizer and face masks  VS deadly bacteria from raw food poisoning in your own kitchen. Your toddler popping an ice cube that has fallen in the kitchen sink where you wash all the raw beast and fish into their mouth before you can stop them. Or putting their fingers in their mouth after touching kitchen surfaces where raw food was placed, that haven’t been cleaned thoroughly. The other big one of course being pool deaths – it was in a support group for grieving parents after Levitt lost a one year old to pneumococcal meningitis (the most severe of which is caused by bacteria), that it struck Levitt how many drownings were in the group.)

4) Parents of Bullied Girls Denounce Facebook. Read on to the actual cases if you have the stomach. I didn’t, after the first one I clicked. It reminds you of the ugliest of human nature that begins young.

5) The USD 175,000 bed.

It didn't cost that much back then, did it?

It didn’t cost that much back then, did it?

Not what I expected (not sure it comes with the staff, but still…) I was thinking more along the lines of Michael Jackson’s oxygen chamber for health or youth reasons…

Who’d buy this, you ask?

6) Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians. Super duper thanks and lotsa love to my dear friend across the miles, Mum of Cherub, English prof who went to Yale, whose 100 boxes of books still boggles my mind. When, when, when will we ever get to visit you guys. Meantime, every now and again as I post, I think Wow, my occasional Sing/Manglish might be making you cringe, right about…. now 😀

7) And that’s our Friday post. This was The Rockstars’ Thursday:

Rockstar helped assemble Little Miss' new kitchen...

Rockstar helped assemble Little Miss’ new kitchen…

Before we moved it to the baby room...

Before we moved it to the baby room…

And later, I couldn’t resist doing…. this:

"Move Over, Glenn Close" :D:D:D

“Move Over, Glenn Close”

:D:D:D Couldn’t resist.

Good Weekend, dears….

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  • mun

    Have a good weekend! Going to Australia for your ski holiday soon?

  • mun

    Wow! Miss Rockstar’s new kitchen is fully equipped with cooking utensils and is that a coffee machine in there? At 1 year old, she will be able to whip up lots of yummy food for mommy (bear not included).

    So you don’t processed any raw food in your current kitchen? What about those fish that Rockstar consume daily for dinner? Do they come precooked?