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Friday of You Know

1) You know, I link these and it seems like Oh Look What Overachieving Parents And Kids Are Doing To Someday Change The World Now! Woo-hoo! but you know that’s not really what I’m thinking right? More like Wow Lookit … Continue reading

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Rockstarism #277 – What Babies Need To Know

#277 On a recent Bumps to Babes run, Rockstar browses the bookshelves… Rockstar: Mum. Here’s some things the baby needs to know. Me: (thinking developmental milestones) Yeah, what? Rockstar: <reading out seriously, authoritatively> “Learn to write ABCs”. “Learn to write 1-10”. … Continue reading

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Rockstarism #276 – Why Would Anyone Want A Girlfriend

#276 Me: So who’s on your table these days? (Rockstar promptly names about half a doz classmates) Me: Oh, do you play with <girl he’s never mentioned before>? Rockstar: No, not much. She doesn’t play the games I like. Me: … Continue reading

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