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Not To Be Outdone, This Friday…

1) Well of course this is my lead. I love Jon Bon Jovi. Almost died when he featured on West Wing in an actual speaking part about issues. I love – ok, he’s a little young for me but my mum still loves Princess … Continue reading

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Yet Another 30-seconds-of-my-life-I’m-not-getting-back Conversation

Rockstar and I enter the lift after taekwondo one day… Local mum: (In Cantonese, eyeing Rockstars taekwondo tunic sans belt) What belt is he? Me: (In English and Cantonese) Yellow. Local mum’s son: (In English) Huh! I’m green-blue already! Local … Continue reading

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The Making Of Rockstar’s Archangel Michael

So Rockstar initially named the angel Gabriel, who tells Mary about the Birth of Jesus, but then we realized (yes, together – shame on me) that it is actually the archangel Michael, who is depicted with sword and armor. (Honestly, … Continue reading

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