Hope….. And Anarchy, This Saturday

1) Ranger Repairs Egg With Glue And Tape.

Strangely (or maybe not so strangely), a sudden inspirational message of hope, in the hatching of a Kakapo parrot egg…

This rare bird's egg got crushed

This rare bird’s egg got crushed

After a ranger repaired it with glue and tape, it still hatched.

After a ranger repaired it with glue and tape, it still hatched (and the bird is healthy).

There’s a moment after the dye is cast; breathe right, and you can change the way the painting looks….

Because we were never meant to know everything. We were meant to do our sincere best – to the glory of God.

2) In contrast (y’know, just in case someone out there thinks I’m too sappy); so you think you’re a rebel…. 

You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet: First world anarchists.

Ooh. They bad.

Ooh. They bad.

He bad.

He bad.

She bad.

She bad.


3) Banbossy :“When a little boy asserts himself, he’s called a “leader.” Yet when a little girl does the same, she risks being branded “bossy.” 

Maybe it’s because this is in a different part of the world. Maybe it’s because I don’t know enough little girls yet. Nothing to do with the site I linked to, but I think “bossy” gets misinterpreted sometimes.

The other day I skimmed someone’s blog post (on a US news site) about how she got a call from her daughter’s school because her 5 year old had had her best friend stick her tongue onto a frozen pole and then when her friend’s tongue got stuck, pulled tongue and friend off – resulting in “a lot of blood”. The mum’s post was about not calling her daughter “bossy” for doing things like that.

I don’t even consider the term “bossy” that bad, and I don’t understand why they call getting-friend’s-tongue-stuck-on-pole behavior “bossy” (I think virtually every mum friend I have, if their daughter had her tongue ripped off a frozen pole resulting in a lot of blood, would not just be using the word “bossy.”) Anyway I’m just saying. Yes, encourage real leadership in little girls as well as little boys. But remember the other girl who had her tongue ripped off the pole.

(Hope some women’s movements aren’t going to scream at me for that; but I say it as a woman who has on occasion been the only female in small dealing rooms, on occasion also the ranking derivatives dealer. People have told me I dressed “too butch” (i.e. when wear work shirt with pants while also having v short haircut), people have told me as a young girl to “suck kar, if you want to get ahead,” emphasis on the word “suck,” and I have a toddler daughter who at the moment is not trending towards being the one with the tongue stuck on a frozen pole. I’m all for little girls being raised to believe they can achieve as much as little boys. I just think any child should be raised to be mindful of others. A child’s self esteem should not come at the expense of another child’s self esteem and it’s not all just moral fluff, I think there is a zero-sum game where at some point it’s going to come back and bite you in the back otherwise; even leaders need friends, and yes parenting is still the hardest thing I’ll ever do. End of cover-back rant.)

4) This sometime-funny, sometime-dodgy page of male superheroes being drawn in traditional female superhero poses raises some awareness…

Quite funny right?

Quite funny right?

5) OK change subject – 15 Hilariously Honest Notes

Who's Meatloaf?? Does he mean the Bat Out Of Hell guy?

Who’s Meatloaf?? Does he mean the Bat Out Of Hell guy?

Also, their cat doesn't look happy.

…..Also, their cat doesn’t look happy.

6) The Rockstars’ 5-second skit this weekend is All In The Name Of Science. Rockstar was…… trying to test out centrifugal force. He uh, needed a weight on the pillow. The Miss uh, volunteered. (How could I possibly think to make that one up?)

IMG_4965 IMG_4966 IMG_4967

Have a good weekend dears…

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  • mun

    Erh, don’t tell me he wants to swing his sister in a circular motion? Haha, but they are having loads of fun!

    Have a good weekend!