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Back To School

This is Rockstar proudly in his new house t-shirt for games and PE. Very opportune routine ordering of larger-size/ replacement school gear several months ago yielded a note inquiring if we’d like to wait for the new house shirts to … Continue reading

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This Is What We Do To Children In Danang (Oh, And Angsana Lang Co’s A Pretty Good Stay, Too)

Kings has been (and will be) away a lot, and so when the Mountain has to travel, Mohammed strives to follow, if only to change a few diapers and make sure the kids get some Daddy time… We didn’t actually … Continue reading

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Little Miss-Speak #8 – If At First You Don’t Succeed…

#8 Distracting the Miss by letting her push futilely at the vending machine buttons while trying to listen to the sermon while on our church’s family floor, I thank my lucky stars she didn’t ask me to buy something……………… prematurely. … Continue reading

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