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Endurance Weekend

1) “Let us run the race with endurance…” Showing Rockstar Heather Dorniden’s inspiring run, this weekend… – – 2) If you can win, after falling flat on your face in the race, surely you can laugh while running? 33 Funny Parents. We’re not there … Continue reading

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Little Miss-Speak #11 – How Does Your Garden Grow?

#11 And….. Rockstar: She really put all the carrots in herself? Me: And the daisies too. Miss: <smug> Clap, Koko. Clap. Miss: (Seriously, the way a grownup might offer another something to drink) Koko. Woh-tuh-ring can? (Rockstar did obligingly water … Continue reading

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This Is What Kids Doing Homework Looks Like Nowadays…

Rockstar’s classmate needed a good printer for their assignment, and her parents had rented a Cyberport “Smart Space” for a finance-related startup on the side, and that’s how my mum friend had the proverbial keys to the castle… So on … Continue reading

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