We Didn’t Know What Else To Do So We Sent Food

No, I don't mean we fed protestors or policemen or Mong Kok thugs. We just went to donate to some regular collection drive for those in need - who were in need before all this stuff happened. "Stuff" for e.g. like so: Hong Kong - Might Makes Right?

Because well, we didn't know what else to do. We're still holding Malaysian passports and by virtue of the fact I haven't gotten involved or said much re Malaysian politics, I feel obliged to be fairly mum (sorry) about things here. But we have lived here and earned good salaries here and learnt not just to snap at overcharging taxi drivers but to routinely take down numbers, ask for receipts, note down the time we get on and off taxis and the distance travelled, all to file proper complaints through the right channels.

This is the land of the aggressive, overcharging taxi drivers - but this is also the land of some very efficient taxi complaint hotlines. This is the land where wait staff and receptionists and what-not can be rude to the Are You Kidding Me Did They Just Say That degree - yet airport security are arguably the politest (while still not giving any ground re security measures) we've seen, of all the cities we've visited collectively (and frankly that still boggles my mind :D).

And while everything else is going on there are still people below the poverty line and kids who don't get 3 meals a day here and we thought ok, how about the chocolate milk the Miss likes and some award-winning mixed grains thing I scored at Apita. We could do that. 

The curry Maggie Mee instant noodles however are mine because we don't know where to buy them in HK even after 10 years here - sorry, it's a Malaysian thing 😀 You can have the brown rice and grain and oatmeal and milk-drinks-the-kids-recommend, though...

We feel for you, Hong Kong. God bless.


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  • mun

    At least you are doing what you can.

    • http://raisingrockstar.com Aileen

      Dunno what to do at least we know by general consensus that is a “nice thing to do” 😛 even if unrelated to current issue…