Only The Most Fun Way To Learn Measurements

Rockstar's favourite learning activity during 3-way conference recently was biting the heads and tails off earthworms measuring gummy snakes.
Things that make ya go "Hmmmmm.."

Things that make ya go "Hmmmmm.."

(At risk of gender bias, a thing about Snips and Snails and Puppy Dogs' Tails comes to mind <roll eyes>) He demonstrated how to do a finger-width estimate of the length of these gross-looking things gummy worms in centimetres, and then check the actual length with the rulers.
Whatever turns you on, baby (yeah I know they're supposed to be snakes)

(And yeah he has to read that, too)

Dis is art.

Dis is art.

All in the interests of learning, you see...
Dis is fun.

Dis is fun.

And dis is where you are supposed to reunite the snakes with their missing body parts.

And dis is where you are supposed to reunite the snakes with their missing body parts (in your stomach :D).

ps: Someone left a headless gummy behind, much to Rockstar's added amusement...

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  • mun

    What a fun way to learn measurement. Will some mommies who do not let their children eat sweets freak out?

    I know Rockstar does not like to eat sweets so in the end, did he reunite the snakes with their missing body parts? 😀

    • Aileen

      They don’t have to do the gummy snakes game there are many, many skills-building games for them to choose from…

      In Rockstar’s mind these were not sweets, they were worms. Uh… I told him for real though, people really do eat earthworms – often live, for convenience, or at least raw – on survival camps. At least that’s what I saw in a movie ages ago… the worms are kept live because then they don’t go bad…