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A Shoe Drive For The Philippines, and Ryze-ing

From Rockstar’s school email.. “According to the Asian Development Bank, in the Philippines, every year a child spends in school reduces their chances of living in poverty. While Government sponsored schools are free, children must pay for their school uniforms, … Continue reading

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The Real Laws Of Demand And Supply Weekend

1) The Hunt For The Financial Industry’s Most Wanted Hacker: the story of a nasty piece of code, and the hunt for its creator.  Zeus is, of course, ruler of all Olympian gods in Greek mythology – but that’s not … Continue reading

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Rockstarism #372/ Miss-Speak #52 – Don’t Mess With The Miss

So the Miss’ next show n tell was coming up, and given both Rockstars’ affinity to chain-yanking we kinda try to do “stealth-training”… Which doesn’t always work…  The “big word” we were trying to practice on this occasion was “Antartica”. … Continue reading

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