Rockstarism #373/ Miss-Speak #54: The Aliens Ate My Jelly

#373/#54 Eating out one day... Rockstar: Eat your lunch, Miss. Otherwise I'm calling the aliens to finish your (jelly yoghurt) drink. <starts faking a phone call from his watch> Miss: Mummy, the aliens ate my jelly. Me: <peering into her glass> You want more jelly, don't you? Miss: No-o, it was aliens. You see, Ko-ko was calling the aliens. Now they've eaten my jelly <fake sulk> I need. My. Jelly.   Me (to Rockstar): See what you did, this is your fault. Rockstar: <impressed> Wow, she's very naughty. <to Miss> You. Stop pretending ah. Otherwise I call the aliens and tell them you're blaming them for eating your jelly.  Me (to Rockstar): How come the aliens take your call, anyway? Rockstar: I used to have imaginary alien friends.  Overhead awhile later... Miss: I want alien friends too, Ko-ko. Rockstar: Mine were Zippety and Yeeka. And then we all went to big boy school and didn't have time... What about yours?  Miss: Sophie and... Juice! Rockstar: Do you want to be an alien when you grow up too?  Me (to Rockstar): You couldn't feed her "astronaut" instead of "alien"? That was like, the perfect opportunity... Rockstar: Oh yeah - d'you want to be an astronaut? <I facepalm> Miss: No, I want to be a seahorse. <Rockstar facepalms> IMG_8216 IMG_8214

ps: Notice anything interesting about these pics? When we were climbing up all those steps I realised Rockstar had taken the Miss' bag from her - he's wearing the "cute Safari Kid flappy elephant bag" and asking her to hurry up and climb the steps to go home, while she's happily flaffing about...

pps: When Rockstar had a huge thing for space and planets and wanted to be an astronaut was roughly when he also had the imaginary alien friends... He stopped calling his imaginary friends right when he went to primary school - big class, lots more action on the playgrounds... When he got into serious Lego building he then wanted to build the next Mars Rover instead of having to explore the planets himself... Nowadays obviously what he wants is to build games and toys for other kids haha



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  • Elle Cheong

    Aww, rockstar is too cute 🙂 My brother does the same for me too, when it’s just both of us together, he will be like give me one of your bags even if I say its ok, he will end up just taking it from me.

  • mun

    Rockstar is such a nice big ko ko to carry Miss Rockstar’s bag for her. Miss Rockstar is such a sweetie.

  • Kingston Lai

    Haha. Wished I have heard the conversation. Sound so fun. Wonder where the sea horse comes from. CBebies?