Wordless Wednesday (Almost) – Money Does As Money Doesn’t

Now the Miss gets on the school bus at barely 8am, Rockstar often has a bit of time to kill before his school bus arrives.


So I've started grabbing The Standard on the way out. Since on and off through the years Rockstar has told us they might discuss headline news in class when they first come in or even during the day, the papers were kind of a natural progression...

However, what's funny about this picture is, Kings being Kings posted it on his Facebook...... Whereupon someone observed Rockstar appeared to be reading the Money section.

He's not into the money section, ok... But wow, for 2 seconds that was pretty trippy... in a Circus-y kinda way 😀

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  • mun

    Trippy indeed. 😀 Did you ask Rockstar whether or not he remembers what he was reading in the photo?