Rockstarism #380 – Sometimes You Know They Have You On The Ropes…


Sometimes you know they have you on the ropes…

So the Miss likes to do “online math practice” which is really super simple pre-school stuff, when she sees Rockstar on his laptop… I walk by this one time and she’s “counting” one dot on the screen, and so…

Me: Erm, you don’t think you want to do something a little more challenging?

Miss: <conversationally> Why? 

Me: W-ell, you’ve done the same really easy ones a gadzillion times. Not to mention you could do that one in your sleep.

Miss: I like it. 

Me: (walking into kitchen) Fine, I was just asking…

Miss: Why? 

Me: Thought you might be bored and want to try something new. Something more challenging…

Miss: Why, Mum-may? 

Me: Well, sometimes if you push yourself a bit, like when you’re climbing uphill, when you manage to achieve it it feels really good. You’d look back down and say “Wow, I did all that,” it feels –

Rockstar: <barks> Ay. You want to be stupid or smart ah? Ha? Ha? 

Me: Wh –

Miss: <appears to be seriously considering> 

Rockstar: You. Do this kind of exercises all the time then how to be smart ah? Ha? 

Me: <splutters> Firstly –

Rockstar: No, Mum, wait, I got this. <To Miss> So? Smart or stoo-pid? 

Me: First of all, WHERE is that accent coming from?

Rockstar: Whart. 

Miss: Ko-ko, you are stupid. 

Rockstar: <barks> MUM!!

Me: Um… um… Miss, you’re not supposed to call people “stupid”.

Miss: Then what do I call them when they’re being stupid? 

Sometimes.... its... a balance?

Sometimes…. its… a balance?

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  • Esther

    Haha, she does have a point there. 😛

    • Aileen

      Yes…. and is erm, not shy about it. 😀

  • mun

    Wow, I totally did not see that coming. I thought Rockstar got her to say that she wants to be smart.

    • Aileen

      Yeah, or else she would purposely say she wants to be stupid, just to rile him.. But instead she called HIM stupid…