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Rockstarism #392/ Miss-Speak #81

#392/81 Overheard one night in the darkness… Queen E: Dory? ….Dory? …D’you still remember when you lost your mum and dad? Rockstar: <groans><in a high voice> Yeah I do, I was lost and sad. Now can I please go to sleep? Queen … Continue reading

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Little Kiddie Hamster Lesson In Kindness

Caveat… Pictures of rodents on children…. you’ve been warned… 🙂 So Rockstar always wanted a pic of Queen E’s former school long-haired guinea pig on his head. As in, Fake Hair Piece. I wasn’t very enthusiastic, because 1) Claws (near … Continue reading

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Miss-Speak #80 – The Indomitable Spirit of Queen E Part II

It’s like they can just write this blog for me… Rockstar (to Her Highness): So, are you going to finish your prawns or what? Queen E: What day is it today? Rockstar: What? It’s Tuesd- Queen E: Yeah I don’t … Continue reading

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