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Very Rockstar Career Advice Part II (More Shudders)

Big US Election coming up, you knew this was gonna happen, right? In the first Trump-Clinton presidential debate, Trump claims to have stopped short of embarrassing Clinton re her husband’s indiscretions because her 36 year old daughter Chelsea was there. Chelsea … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Piercings

So I missed (Wednesday), but at least these ladies holding the guns didn’t Queen E wanted her ears pierced, having counted how many girls in school (and grownup staff) have pierced ears, and she wanted no distractions – no Youtube, nuthin’ while … Continue reading

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What to do during a T8 (Pokemon Forest)…

Preparation: Get sticks from along the road. Cost: Nothing. Next: Paint sticks, dig up whatever cheap plastic rubbish toys you’ve got lying around that can be glued on, sew sticks to whatever old canvas you’ve got lying around (or bung everything … Continue reading

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