Take Flight

Where a kindy-aged Rockstar once said, "Worms fly, because birds eat them," Queen E is more, "Worms fly because we want to. And thanks in advance for catching meeeeeeeee!!!!" Rockstar: Hi.... YAH! image1 (2) - - Queen E: Hi... Catch Me.. AH!  (Note delighted way she runs off) image1 (3) Would that we could all throw ourselves that faithfully into the week... Have a good one, dears... (Queen E was totally psyched to be allowed to try a "jumping kick" in her brother's advanced class one day...)

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About Aileen

I blog about living and raising my son in Hong Kong - where toddlers have entrance interviews, parents keep test score spreadsheets, private school debentures can trade for more than half a million USD. Raising Rockstar's the most important thing I'll ever do. We show our true colors by the choices we make in bringing up our children. My blog is a message to my toddler son, about what the world and his parents are like today - for when he becomes a teenager and knows everything.
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