Rockstarism #396: Terms of Befuddlement

#396 When the answer to each of these is "Uh....." Rockstar: Mum. You know when they ask "Which comes first, the chicken or the egg," and people always think it can be either one? That's not true. It's actually one and not the other. Want to hear why? The answer is Evolution. D'you think the prehistoric creatures evolved into chickens or eggs?  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rockstar: Mum. I just thought of a paradox. "What I'm telling you is a lie," is a paradox. It means you're lying about lying. But if you're lying about lying, then you have to be lying about lying about lying, and lying about lying about lying about lying, and it just keeps going on...  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rockstar (in story-telling voice): "Little did my sista know, as she was petting JD, that the dog actually hated it..." Queen E: My brudda needs to go to therapy. Rockstar (like he was uninterrupted): "...and she secretly wanted to run away..."  Queen E: <shrieks in fury> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rockstar (because Queen E likes animals): You are the Animal Queen. Queen E (mock indignant): I am not, I am the Noise Queen. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rockstar looks at us and snorts... Rockstar (to Queen E): Who dressed you? Queen E: Mummy.
Love embellished hairties - so useful as comfy bracelets to jazz up any outfit

(We love embellished hairties as comfy bracelets to jazz up any outfit)

Rockstar (to me): Who dressed you? Me: Queen E. Rockstar: Your outfit is better. Queen E: Yeess! Me: What?? I dressed her fine ok!!
Queen E using my Pokemon Umbreon hoodie tail as a scarf

Queen E using my Pokemon Umbreon hoodie tail as a scarf


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