Nerd Or Geek? Rhett and Link.

Credit to Rockstar, who was apparently trying to decide which he wanted to be at the time... 

Coming at a time when the kids reach "that" age where they hear about all these purportedly "cool" songs (as in they-sound-nice) with the boy bands and the girl bands and the pop idols and what not that revolve around... love, romance, love, dating, romance, broken hearts, love, romance, love, relationships, love, omg sing about something else already. So -

Why not sing your fast food order?

Note the Taco Bell order screen in back - apparently the guy taking the order has no idea, AND Taco Bell drops in a comment after they upload it, that it's awesome. 

Rockstar likes "My OCD." Says it's very good for learning what the disorder is:

(They have some personal experience with OCD)

Their clips are also a super ironic way of getting messages across about, among others, texting, Facebook, Photoshop, cellphones, male one-upmanship...

(Real Men Can Laugh At Themselves 🙂 )

The back story however is that Rhink met in first grade in primary school (the teacher whose class they met in has a song/ program dedicated to her too) and became best friends, attempted their first video in lower secondary, were college room mates, graduated as qualified engineers, worked at companies like IBM...... before then revisiting this, their childhood dream. Isn't that so awesome?

Then they went back to their first video attempt from when they were 14 years old and featured that on the show. By now, they had acquired also the necessary skills to make it work (and then some). And - I'm sure you guessed it -

Possibly side ulterior motive: Yes They Have 5 Kids Between Them (pic from Pinterest)

They're happily married family men with 5 kids between them (pic from Pinterest)

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