Miss-Speak #87 – Being Milla Jovovich


Abruptly, tunelessly, in a cute voice..
Queen E: Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum, I will eat my friends.
I will eat my friends for din-ner,
I will eat my friends for lunch,

Chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp. <wipes mouth with imaginary napkin>


Me: Not planning on having many friends, are we?
Queen E: I have many friends. It works if we're all zombies. 

This is so Resident Evil...

This round she had sniper role on this team game... so much for stealth, when she screeches "I SHOT him! WHY IS HE STILL WALKING AWAY??"

We got invited to the biggest BYOG (Bring Your Own Gun) Nerf farewell party in awhile, complete with three-feet pizzas, cupcakes, and .....guns and strategies. Lots. Of guns and teaming while protecting your captain and taking out other members of the other team....

Party favours were - what else - Nerf hand guns and safety goggles (brought in from Sydney), plus the added option of sparkly colouring book sets for girl siblings who might not want to join the shoot-outs. 

(We told Queen E if she insists on shooting at the boys, she has to accept getting shot as well - and she still gamely insisted on teaming... then again at another Nerf event she was shot in the cheek close range by a toddler she was showing the gun to, and shrugged it off.. No one is carrying anything that causes real damage... but omg some of the size differences between her and these boys)

(Yes Rockstar and this team captain, on his left in the circle, are only about 3 months apart in age)

(And don't think the little girls who chose to do colouring under the fort don't have "skills" - girl in pink, one of Queen E's best friends, can shuck herself all the way up that thin pole she's leaning against, and swing by her arms from the top.)

ps: To the best of my knowledge no one actually watches Resident Evil or the other violent zombie instalments, only Minecraft and Plants v Zombies zombies... 

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  • Kingston Lai

    Now I see why they always look for nerf guns when at toy stores 🙂