Miss-Speak #89: Little Miss Fabulous And Her Imaginary Fish Friend (Or, Clash of the Titans Round II)


Remember when I said the Queen enjoys spicing things up when nothing seems to be happening...
Queen E: (conversationally) You know Daddy <sidles over and indicates his halfway-through dinner> .......that really looks like my Imaginary Friend.
Kings: That I am eating?!
Queen E: <nods convincingly, eyes wide open> His name is "Fish".
Rockstar: <ROARS with laughter>
Queen E: <blandly> Yah Ko-ko, and we mustn't waste food...

Overheard, roughly to the tune of the original "Spiderman" theme:
"Hamster-land, hamster-land, does what-ever, hamsters can..."

Bedtime is often a struggle...
Me (reading): ...Little Miss Fabulous had fabulous hair... that everyone else had to follow...
Queen E:(after a few pages) <frowns> She always wears the same shoes, though...
After nightly prayer
Queen E: <plaintively> Oh Mummy, if I'm bad, does that mean I won't go to Heaven?
Me: ?? !!!! Erm, erm, there are many different beliefs in this world and many people do believe that what happens to you after you die has to do with how you behaved in your life. Christians believe that you are saved when you believe, not by what you do or not do. BUT you are then called to be "good" because you don't need to be, but still want to be. In fact, it's supposed to make you want even more to be good. I like to refer to that as "conscience" -
Queen E: Ok, how about That Place In Between? When you're not good or bad enough?
Me: What?? You mean like Purgatory? Where did you ever hear about "The Place In Between"???
Queen E: Well, that place. Ko-ko said -
Me: No way. When would you guys ever come up with this - Rockstar! Can you come in here for a minute please?
Rockstar: <eventually opens door and peeks in> Yeah what?
Me: Did you tell your sister that <pause> if she doesn't make it to Heaven she might end up in Purgatory?"
Rockstar: <bursts out laughing> Whaa-at? What in the wha-aaat??
Me: <turn to her and catch her facial expression> It's already past 10.30pm, had enough yet, how long more do you want to delay bedtime for?
Queen E: <still trying><theatrically tragic face> But... what's going to happen to me when I die?
Me: We can delay awhile more if I can take a picture of that face.

"That" face

ps: She fell asleep a bit past 11. On a day of multi-sports camp, and an hour on the bouncing castle after. No nap during the day.. 

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