Meet QQ: 8 weeks old, and with her career path set out for her

Hah! Betcha thought QQ was a human!

Hamster Ninja got a real kick out of finding QQ, an 8 week old Lab puppy, in the stroller next to our table one day when we were ordering Chinese takeout... Hailing from a long line of working dogs, QQ is being fostered until she turns 15 months, when her guide dog training will commence. For now however, she's replete from a full morning running about in this heat and sinks repeatedly, unconscious, into the depths of her comfortable stroller (which would explain why this is the first puppy we've seen in one of these strollers, usually we find old or sick dogs in them).

How will her foster caregiver deal with having to give her up when duty calls?

"She's already my second foster animal; I'm going to be doing this for awhile..."

Just so...


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