Holy High-Achieving Mid-Autumn Lantern-Makers

The Chinese Department at Kennedy School organises a (completely-voluntary-participation, resulting-in-Rockstar-never-having-participated haha) recycled material lantern-making competition every Mid-Autumn Festival, and this year I happened to be in school when the lanterns were still up just after the kids had been voting for them (kids get 3 votes each, for the numbered entries) - or, put another way:

Holy Haagen Dasz Tub 2.5-foot Dragon - DIS is art. And by art I mean How Has Haagen Dasz Not Called Up To Buy This Thing For Display In Their Office Lobby (pic off school newsletter)

(Like, obviously someone has to actually consume that much of the product before they can use it to make the lantern right... what better endorsement than a satisfied customer 🙂 )

Better'n Bradley Cooper In Da Lobby (pic from celebritypixus.com)

When the kids' school says, "Let's make lanterns out of recycled materials to celebrate Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival"...

...this is what happens.

This wide green feathered disk (being photo-bombed by a Take-out Lunch Robot Sporting 3D Glasses) features Nespresso capsules

George Clooney Is So Last Mid-Autumn 😛 (pic from Business Insider)

AND this one which appears to be a cluster of dream catchers hanging in the Y2 section (no idea whose this is) is Hamster Ninja's personal favourite...

Talk about serious enthusiasm...

Happy Early Mid-Autumn Festival!!!

ps: Oh right - this was Hamster Ninja's -

She did it very slowly, bit by bit - Mooncake holders, drinking straws, leftover birthday party decor - she took one evening to tie the cova cake ribbon into a long series of..... taekwondo belt knots "because that's the only knot I know how.."

And this is her posing very proudly because her lantern was displayed next to her friend's (she's also posing under another of her friends' lanterns in one of the pictures above... and eating yoghurt drops :P)


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