Wordless Wednesday: What Do These School Message Boards Tell Us?

Went to pick Hamster Ninja from Lego activity after school... Happened to pass by these boards detailing the latest learning activities, from Y1 to Y6... 

My favourite is the tornado with a cow and car in it.... better paper cows than real ones... 😀

All this stuff is not an exhibition, it's just what's up for the kids to look at when they walk up and down the stairs to their classes in between breaks, go about PE and Games, get to after-school activities - and it changes pretty often..

Aside from the obvious amount of facts, figures, exercises and what not however, what really struck me is this: 900 kids, some of 'em barely 5. Many of 'em opinionated, relatively extroverted ("risk-taking" - to not be afraid of speaking up, risking being wrong, is encouraged during learning). I had to bend down to take some of those pics, the boards are placed low, so all the little kids can see them up close.


No one messes with any of these displays. No little itchy-fingered graffiti, pulling at papers, and what-not. Paper cow and car are still "sitting pretty" in paper typhoon.

I didn't pass any armed guards or electrified fences (because we all know you need to have these. People touch things), no alarms appeared to have been tripped when I got real close... Yet no one took Paper Cow home.

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