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What You Could Be Doing On A Weekend… (Ok, Maybe Some Of It)

1) Fighting Ebola With Nothing But Hope. They get supplies that will quickly run out, with no idea when the next batch will reach them. Then they drive 3 hours and trek through the woods another 3 hours to deliver … Continue reading

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Xena And Attack Dog On Another Boat (This One Smaller :)

This weekend Xena Warrior Princess enjoyed a boat ride with Fierce Attack Dog by her side… Back to school week! The Big One! I’ll be able to write more soon, fingers crossed…   Thanks for installing the Bottom of every … Continue reading

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Boat Trip With Our Former Neighbors From Sai Wan Ho

**Selamat Hari Raya Aildilfitri 2014… One of the most awesome things about the Best Neighbors In Sai Wan Ho is how Mr H’s company (I think) has this Yacht Thing as one of the company perks. I call it “Yacht” … Continue reading

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