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Actually I think “Sparkles” is easier to say, but what do I know… (Calm down, that’s the very safe, non-toxic, water-based little kiddie version.) Imagine her hard at work saying “Parskles” quietly to herself over and over and it’ll be about … Continue reading

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Prada and Iguana

Blast from past… In one of my first Prada dresses, about 7 years old, battered little Burberry bag superglued together… and the iguana’s name is Iguana probably because the handler didn’t want to bother with teaching me the animal’s real … Continue reading

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One Fine Saturday At The Peak, Someone Kicked My Dog.

We haven’t been up to the Peak as a family in a very long time; before the Miss started pre-school and especially when Kings was away for many a weekend, I would spend a couple hours bringing JD up in … Continue reading

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