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Red Belt In Da House

By now it takes about a year between belt grades; gradings btw are traditionally on Sunday nights at a local sports centre way across town from where we live… Student line-up…  Some of the kids in the advanced class can … Continue reading

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Miss’ First School Uniform

We recently collected the Miss’ Safari Kid Kit, and so today the Miss got to show off her first ever school uniform… She was very pleased to put this on in the morning, considering she slept at….. 11.30pm last night!!! … Continue reading

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The Bathtub Is The New Cardboard Box

Especially when it’s cold, the Rockstars have been spending more time in the warm tub. Sometimes, it’s a deep sea grotto, and they’re diving for gems and coral, sometimes it’s the latest installment of Masterchef. They also conduct Christmas bauble … Continue reading

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