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How Miracles Might Work And More Random Stuff

1) Being a Freakonomics And Sequels fan, I came across this bit in a more recent Levitt and Dubner installment, “Think Like A Freak”. Around the same time, I came across Jamie The Very Worst Missionary‘s blog, specifically the post this excerpt … Continue reading

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A Picture And A Thousand Words

Mostly unrelated-to-anything post. Everyone reads Dooce, right? The picture below is from this post. There are many more references in the link and ordinarily this would’ve been on weekend linky but I missed the last and couldn’t wait for the … Continue reading

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Have You Met, Decades Later, The Kid Whom You Thought Gave You A Hard Time – And Discovered You Now Get On Like A House On Fire?

People who have some recollection of me and YJ in primary school, do your double take right. Now. Both of you. On annual yoga conference here from Labuan, YJ came looking for me. For the other person reading my blog who … Continue reading

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