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Hello, Kitty

Did you guys know Hello Kitty offers a smorgasbord of sports equipment? Yeah us neither, but This One Time we pass by the Miss zeroes in on…. yeah the pink what-look-like-tournament-grade soccer balls, basketballs, volleyballs, tennis balls, and – get this … Continue reading

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How Miracles Might Work And More Random Stuff

1) Being a Freakonomics And Sequels fan, I came across this bit in a more recent Levitt and Dubner installment, “Think Like A Freak”. Around the same time, I came across Jamie The Very Worst Missionary‘s blog, specifically the post this excerpt … Continue reading

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A Picture And A Thousand Words

Mostly unrelated-to-anything post. Everyone reads Dooce, right? The picture below is from this post. There are many more references in the link and ordinarily this would’ve been on weekend linky but I missed the last and couldn’t wait for the … Continue reading

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