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Rockstarism #327 – Selective Memory

#327 Rockstar: Mum. I had the best first day ever! Me: That’s nice darling, any new friends, anyone I know? Rockstar: <like he’s making an important announcement> The people I was with today are (boy’s name), (boy’s name), (boy’s name), … Continue reading

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Rockstarism #326/ Miss-Speak #20: The Blame Game

#326/ #20 This is how blaming works in this household… Rockstar bursts into the room with a giant huff… Rockstar: Mum. This time the blaming thing is much worse! She didn’t just (throw something and say ‘No, Ko-ko’), she said, “You stop … Continue reading

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Rockstarisms #325 – Reinventing The Wheel (Or really, Friends and a Secret Language)

#325 Recently, from random running around with kids in the neighborhood after activities… Rockstar: Mum. I discovered a really good new way to make friends. Me: Oh really, what’s that? Rockstar: <like he’s announcing something important> You ask them what … Continue reading

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