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How The World Works: Rockstar’s Last Learning Unit For Y2

So once again, I find myself greatly entertained by Rockstar’s school work… Aside from a brief resemblance to our Alam Dan Manusia (rough translation: World and People?) lessons of yore which are also often heavy on the rote, Rockstar’s reading/writing/creativity exercises are … Continue reading

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Days of Past Past

So it’s been a crazy couple days/ week; there were routine medical checkups, a bit of a tummy bug, school stuff re both kids…. And so this is a post totally lacking in guile and wit, just to fill in … Continue reading

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This Is What Kids Doing Homework Looks Like Nowadays…

Rockstar’s classmate needed a good printer for their assignment, and her parents had rented a Cyberport “Smart Space” for a finance-related startup on the side, and that’s how my mum friend had the proverbial keys to the castle… So on … Continue reading

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