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The Rockstars On Their First Day Of Easter Break

After a rousing session of jumping on the bed with the Miss, Rockstar got upset the previous night when he couldn’t fall asleep. He also fails to sleep in the following morning. At times like this Rockstar would rather get … Continue reading

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Little Miss Rockstar Guest Blogs About Her Education. Kind Of.

Hi everyone, It’s been awhile since I last wrote, during which time I’ve discovered not just Hands, Feet, Hair Clips, Bracelets, Squeaky Shoes and Ninja Turtle Weapons, I’ve also adjusted to a school routine. See, there comes a time in … Continue reading

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Rockstar’s 3-Way Conference In Year 2

3-way Conference is the student-led activity where parents come in to participate in some class activities with their child, and sit in on a discussion led by the child on his/her progress and learning targets. (Around the school as usual … Continue reading

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