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Some Writings Are Read. Others are purchased to place impressively on one’s bookshelves.

Long overdue Rockstar holiday reads… Rockstar really, really likes this book, we’ve watched him read and re-read this throughout summer. Sharon Draper’s Out of My Mind is not exactly unknown, but we had never heard of it until Rockstar picked … Continue reading

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It’s Not Easy Being A Rockstar Guinea

Yes folks, Guinea came home for another visit – we generally “queue” couple months thereabouts for him to be available again, and I call him “the thing” to my friends all the time but well, I say it with love … Continue reading

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Guiding Children’s Behavior Part II – Seminar by Dr Louise Porter at Kennedy School

More notes and thoughts on the seminar (and book) from ages ago…  What was that statistic again?  380 children on average are molested before an abuser is caught. Dr Porter mentioned a statistic with that number during her talk but … Continue reading

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