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Ninja Turtle Pyjama Fight

Bedtime In The Rockstar Household, starring The Rockstars as  Raphael and Donatello… (Because one secret identity is not enough and we are all anarchists over here…) (That Would Be These Two.) (O-or, Rockstar Is So Going To Kill Me Someday When … Continue reading

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Rockstar’s 3-Way Conference In Year 2

3-way Conference is the student-led activity where parents come in to participate in some class activities with their child, and sit in on a discussion led by the child on his/her progress and learning targets. (Around the school as usual … Continue reading

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Snack Wars

In case you thought the Miss was umm, “easier” to handle than Rockstar…  Each day at Miss’ twice-a-week pre-school, a rough schedule around Snack is as follows: The little kids line up to go wash their hands, sing/ listen to … Continue reading

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