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Rained In, What Are They Doin? (Or, Ways To Furnish A Doll’s House)

Like, WHERE were all these things when I was growing up, did I really play with all those Transformers? There’s cute little baby bunnies and kitties and darling little furniture (gonna avoid the “pretty girl doll/Barbie princess” thing as long … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Darling Miss (Sidestory: To Miss With Love, Rockstar)

Standard Haagen Dazs cake this year; well we did plan on that last year too, except then it melted in the fridge and I felt so bad I went out and got Cake with a capital C. This year I … Continue reading

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This Is What Kids’ Sunday School Looks Like Nowadays…

IslandECC has 3 adult services and 2 kiddie services, and I can safely say we’ve attended every one of those with almost equal frequency, thanks to a combination of Kings’ work/ travel schedule, whether Rockstar’s classmate’s mum is driving (some services … Continue reading

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