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Elephants, Hippos and Other Animals, Oh My

1) Another sign of the “changing times”: Dooce’s A Response And An Apology, in response  to and apologizing for Wildlife Encounters, Episode “Baby Elephant”. On a recent trip to raise awareness about human trafficking, Heather of Dooce got flamed in … Continue reading

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Life Is Beautiful, This Weekend

1) The boys asked her, “Sybil, what do you want?” “I want to die,” answers Sybil of Cumae. Story goes, in exchange for carnal favors, the Greek god Apollo offered to grant Sybil one wish. However when she asked for eternal … Continue reading

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How Miracles Might Work And More Random Stuff

1) Being a Freakonomics And Sequels fan, I came across this bit in a more recent Levitt and Dubner installment, “Think Like A Freak”. Around the same time, I came across Jamie The Very Worst Missionary‘s blog, specifically the post this excerpt … Continue reading

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