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Rockstars’ Halloween 2016

Party of the Year, for the kids… Over the PA system… “Books are now HKD 50 a bag. 50 dollars a bag. Thank you.”… It was also boiling that night, by the time I thought to take a picture off … Continue reading

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Very Rockstar Career Advice Part II (More Shudders)

Big US Election coming up, you knew this was gonna happen, right? In the first Trump-Clinton presidential debate, Trump claims to have stopped short of embarrassing Clinton re her husband’s indiscretions because her 36 year old daughter Chelsea was there. Chelsea … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Piercings

So I missed (Wednesday), but at least these ladies holding the guns didn’t Queen E wanted her ears pierced, having counted how many girls in school (and grownup staff) have pierced ears, and she wanted no distractions – no Youtube, nuthin’ while … Continue reading

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