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Stable at the re-check, but mostly housebound due to risk of severe respiratory complications, JD has to find SOME entertainment… Rockstar wanted to unwind after school by lying on the floor and shooting Nerf pellets at the ceiling. JD be … Continue reading

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For Love Of Animals

Amidst a big juggling of kids’ activities and trips to the 24 hour East Island Animal Emergency Clinic on the other side of HK Island with tunnel traffic, JD rather abruptly came home. She’s not out of the woods by … Continue reading

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72 Hours (Rise of the Hamster Ninja)

Spoke too soon, it’s 2.15am and I just got back from the animal hospital where JD is now critical… they called me because they thought she might not pull through; if I don’t write about it for awhile you’ll know … Continue reading

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