Miss-Speak #89: Christmas-isms

Me: What d'you want for Christmas, darling?
HN: Don't worry about it, Mummy. I told Santa already. He came to our school, so he's taking care of it. 

(That's her Xmas gift wish - the Poinsettia headband she's wearing; matched with Unicorn tee from H&M picked out by her bro, Stella McCartney Kids jacket warehouse find from couple years ago, Zara Kids patent boots last couple seasons...) 

During a rare, quiet moment...
HN: Mummy, what do you always wish for at Christmas?
Me: You mean like, actual stuff, or just a wish?
HN: Wish!!
Me: A fulfilling job where I could still remain close by enough to raise you guys.
HN: <pause> Stuff!Now do stuff!! What stuff do you want!! 
HN: <still enthusiastically> You know, that we can put in boxes!
Rockstar: <not looking up from laptop> A dead body.
HN: <shrieks at him>

(Rockstar wanted a custom Nerf sniper rifle)

HN: C'mon Mum-may, what do you want for Christmas, that we can put in a box. 
Me: You just want to gift wrap a box, don't you?
HN: Yeah. Can you say "JD" so we can put the dog in a box? Then at the right time, she can jump out of the box and say.... <screams> "WOOOFFF!" 
Me: What makes you think the dog is going to cooperate with that?
HN: Why wouldn't she, it's only a few more days til Christmas...

For real though, the old border collie can be quite shy and reserved, while HN is this LOUD active kid with the BIG movements, and somehow the dog isn't hiding from her 😀 

At bedtime...
HN: I don't want to separate (her two stuffed penguins). They're mother and daughter.
Me: You separate perfectly fine from me when you've got a class in your busy life. (Other times she can be very demanding on my energy and patience).
HN: Yah but they might be a different kind of mother and daughter.
Me: Oh, so life sucks being your mum?
HN: No, but life would suck being my brother. <thoughtful pause> Life would totally suck for him, Mum-may. Because I would make it. 

He has a penguin fighting with him for the corner of the sofa, and we need more furniture

We started reading Luke 2 this Christmas, and...
HN: Mummy, I feel sooo sorry for baby Jesus. It's like what, no (birthday) party? 
Me: Your brother's 10, and he's never had a party (more on that someday).
HN: <mutters> Yeah, I don't understand that either.

HNs nativity scene activity at Sunday school..

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Ever Wonder About Cheating? (Or, Sumo Wrestlers Cheat Too!)

When they were younger, Rockstar and Friends once developed a huge fascination with Blue Tack - that gummy stuff used to put kiddie drawings and other work on the walls. It became a huge commodity. Like, instead of money or drugs, little 5 year olds would trade little gobs of the Magic Stuff That Could Make Things Go Up On Walls. Little gobs hard earned by stalking the movements of paintings being displayed, and examining school walls.

Back when Rockstar was a Y1 (yes, some 5 years ago), the 4-5 year olds also had a No Sharing Stationery Supplies Between Tables rule, I guess because with so many little kids new to the primary school routine and all the stationery being supplied by the school in the first year, they needed to keep better track of all the supplies (For eg, Hamster Ninja, if kept unchecked could go through her weight in markers and pens).

During this time, a little boy in Rockstar's class was asked repeatedly by friends at the next table to hand over some erasers from his own table (because they'd lost all theirs).

"But... (Teacher) said no sharing between the tables."<looks around for teacher so he can ask><friend who has been refused the eraser looks a little disappointed, goes back to own table> 

"Wait, wait, you know what? Take it" <calls friend back and hands eraser over> "Bring it back when you're done..." <keeps track of eraser being returned to own table.>

Rockstar's then-classmate had understood the principle behind the rule, the "spirit of the law," so to speak - that sharing between tables in itself wasn't "wrong." It was that stationery needed to be accounted for per table, and that was why there was this rule to begin with. So he broke the rule but accounted for the stationery. (Yeah of course you got that, you're not five :D)

After seeing that, it highlighted a developmental "skill" I hoped my own little kids would pick up, the sooner the better. Kind of the little kiddie equivalent of an exercise in judgement when kids are teens: 8 Life Skills 18 Year-olds Should Have 😛

Anyway, to Freakonomics' Cheating Sumos story.

Now, I don't know that much about Japanese culture, but I have certainly witnessed the strict honour and etiquette they are so proud of. I remember someone long ago telling me they'd left an expensive camera on a subway in Tokyo and when the train eventually got back hours later..... yup. The camera was still there 😀 (We've done similar with Rockstar's laptop in Hong Kong too, I love HK Lost & Founds in the city in general)

So... why do Sumo wrestlers cheat, and how did checking the games data tell Levitt & Dubner this (without anyone ever admitting to it)?

Here's a little more about Sumo:

"...Life is hardest for the lower ranked wrestlers, who are expected to get up earliest and cook, clean, serve food and generally wait on the higher ranked wrestlers..."

"...It is a fact of sumo life that the younger, inexperienced wrestlers endure systematic hazing and physical punishment in order to toughen them up. This is part and parcel of sumo culture and something that young wrestlers know to expect, but it can sometimes go too far – resulting in injury and very rare cases even in death..."

The final night in a Sumo tournament is called "the pleasure of a thousand autumns," in which the victor "receives all kinds of elaborate prizes for his success. And a fat wad of cash, of course."

(You'd think this is why Sumo wrestlers cheat right...? Like why Lance Armstrong famously cheated, for fame and glory......

Lance Armstrong pic from slate.com

But you'd be wrong 🙂 )

Lemme carry on painting the current picture for the moment though - even for the referees of the Sumo matches, Sumo completely dictates their lives. They enter the profession young, around 16 years old, and remain referees until they retire. "The traditional clothing they wear in the ring is strictly graded according to rank, and as they progress up the ranks they earn honorific names by which they become known...." 

 (pics off wikipedia)

"...the gyoji also carries a sword, or tanto, of about six to twelve inches in length. The significance (of the sword) is the seriousness of the decisions he has to make – and is prepared to commit seppuku (ritual suicide by disembowelment) if he makes a bad decision" 

I. Know.

So again, I wonder how they feel about:

These Dudes. (-pic from Amazon.com)

And there's more - "sumo wrestlers aren’t... allowed to choose their own clothes.  ...They are expected to wear (the samurai hairstyles of the Edo Period) and traditional dress at all times when out in public..."

pic from insidejapantours.com

"...sumo wrestlers are even expected to control their demeanour and personality in public. ...wrestlers must be self-effacing and softly spoken, and during tournaments they should refrain from showing joy at winning or disappointment at losing..."

So Sumo wrestlers cannot do this (pic from fifa.com)

Or this (pic from freshwallpapers.net)

Maybe not even this (pic from nydailynews.com)

So now again:

Why do Sumo wrestlers sometimes cheat?

To help the wrestler who needs the win more.

Levitt and Dubner illustrated that when wrestlers went up against each other, the one with a 7-7 (ie 7 wins 7 losses) record, who needed the current match win to make 8-7 (8 wins being the benchmark for a huge bump in paygrade and respect), won far more often than pure chance would've allowed.

This is why I loved playing with probabilities in my former life: The assumption being 8-6 and a 7-7 Sumos are fairly evenly matched, the 7-7 Sumo would have a roughly 50-50 chance of winning. Or maybe slightly lower odds, since they do have 1 less win than the 8-6 sumo. So say about 45%, 47% chance of winning the crucial match.


Guess how often the 7-7 Sumo actually wins against an 8-6 Sumo? Not 50% of the time, not 47%, but a whopping 75% of the time.

AND, what d'you think happens when next the two wrestlers meet again?

There's payback: Former 7-7 guy (now an 8-7) almost always lets his new friend (also an 8-7 since he lost his previous match with former 7-7) win.

Now, wasn't that sweet? 🙂

Have a good rest of the week, dears...

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“It’s Not About You…” The Unlikely “Wonder” Post About Someone Else.

Really wasn't planning on a "Wonder" post. Firstly, Rockstar and Friends have been looking out for the movie adaptation of this former Battle Of the Books book ever since they heard about it last year. (More than a little useful that the school library appears to curate BOB books, painstakingly labelled including with the year it was in the BOB, plus the kids read some of them in class too.)

Secondly, Rockstar has friends who a) ran, ran, ran to catch the movie at the cinema before we even  realised it was finally out and then were talking about it over at Big Pirate-Themed Birthday Party last weekend, and b) even had opinions about the extent to which Auggie's disfigurement as portrayed in the book was not 100% accurately captured in the movie.


Yeah, and that too. (pic from quickmeme.com)

But to my point -

Anyone remember who this is anymore?

Or Them?

Oh, COME ON. (pic from today.com)

(Can I just say Gal Gadot studied Law and was a combat trainer in the Israel Defense Forces for 2 years before making movies (I like Army because of the basic concept of a "chain of command" - it was very important during my former life in 3 banking mergers when reporting lines changed 5 times in 3 years - very hard to get something done if you don't know who your real boss is):

And she says, "You give two or three years and it's not about you. You learn discipline and respect..." (but no I don't agree with her Maxim skimpy swimsuit shoot - men's magazine is SO not the same as women's fashion skimpy shoot a la Emma Watson's, the majority of men I know don't even understand women's fashion haha))

Anyway -

Everyone's talking about him.

So, as previously intended, I won't. (The book was awesome, the movie is awesome, nothing more to say. Go watch it. There are many powerful illustrations and visuals in it)

...but also look out for her. (pic off twitter.com/emmasharkey)

*spoiler alert*

Now, I don't know how the portrayal of Miranda in the movie stacks up against Miranda in the book, but Movie Miranda is Auggie's sister Via's best friend who goes off to camp, and when she returns she's gotten too cool for her old friends. It Girl makeup, hot pink hair.

Like, who knew "fetch" could almost happen in a BOB book? 🙂 - pic from thesoedit.com

(Couldn't find a nicer pic of Miranda in the heavy eyeliner in my opinion either. Because my attitude to heavy makeup is about the same as with higher heels. Too much work when less is more - doesn't make sense. Unless you're an ancient Egyptian. Then the massive amount of blue eyeshadow totally makes sense. :D)

Miranda goes on to snag the lead part in the school stage production. Her former best friend Via, Auggie's rather neglected and incredibly selfless sister, gets the role of understudy for the part, despite her best efforts to get an actual role, with the encouragement from her new boyfriend.

Now, Via is mostly a straight-up beautiful person throughout the movie. She counsels Auggie, "It's not about you. Not everything is about you"...  I do believe when not everything is about you, not every insult or hurt or "attack" is about you either. And it increases your own resilience. (Otherwise "everything" is a personal attack and you're an angry, angry person.) Anyway here's why I especially loved Miranda in the movie:

It turns out that Miranda has put a huge effort into reinventing herself in the wake of her parents' divorce, her father's preoccupation with his new wife, and her mother's subsequent downward spiral. Sophisticated "It" Girl Look is one of several efforts to deal. (And she can't bring herself to tell her former best friend any of this. Or the fact she's gotten popular at camp pretending to be her best friend, Special Needs brother and all.)

Even as the girls continue to drift apart, Via perpetually has what Miranda wishes she did, only Via doesn't know it.

On the night of the school play Miranda, all dressed up and poised to play the lead part she has rightfully earned and worked so hard for, notices Via arriving with her family - the family she wished were her own.

Miranda is painfully aware she has no one coming to watch her shine onstage. (Oh yeah, Via's boyfriend has a part in the play as well, Miranda doesn't have a boyfriend.) What do you think Cool New "It" Girl does?


Miranda claims sickness and insists she can't perform, thereby providing Via the chance to be the centre of attention in her family for the first time.


😀 For real though, in that moment when Miranda is faced with this choice: The easy option - just go along with the big part and shine and have fun (kind of) basking in the attention of people she mostly doesn't know (and therefore can't care that much about) vs the crazy, much more difficult decision of going above and beyond, to yield for someone with a greater need, she makes the hard choice. It is in that moment that Lonely It Girl "saves" - nope, not Via but - herself. 

I can't explain exactly why, and in the movie you just see that it does, (but how on earth do you ever easily portray why it does, right?) Maybe it's because everyone is aware of the sacrifice Miranda has made.

Maybe you think what Miranda did is stupid, lead part is a chance of a lifetime, it's never coming again, she earned it fair and square and they may not even be friends later on when they go to college. Yeah maybe. But the point was not the play (and if you think the pinnacle of your life achievements is going to be lead in the high school play then um.........).

The point was what the ability to see another person's greater need and make a "lesser" sacrifice on your own part does for you, your personality, your drive and ability to perform more and better achievements like that one. Miranda was able to see that even if she went on with the lead, there was no one there to watch her (this time). She could not change that. (And yes that is sad. If it were about her, you'd feel really sorry for her, right? Like we feel sorry for what happened to her mum? But Miranda proves stronger than her mum; more valuable than anyone watching that ability/ talent onstage that evening, is Miranda's actual ability to clinch that lead in the first place. That doesn't go away just because no one is watching at the moment.)

I like to believe that ability gets stronger when you don't feel you've "arrived" because you've got the lead.There's some study that says your likelihood of achieving a goal actually diminishes, the more people you tell about it because psychologically the more you talk about it the more your unconscious mind thinks you've kinda already done it. That makes you try less hard. For the Type A in all of us - would you rather have the one lead or would you want to perpetually have more and better and keep being able to bring joy to families like Via's? It's almost like a superpower, except they don't all come with costumes. (Well, they could have pink hair...)

Also - Miranda could not fix her parents' marriage, any more than she could change the fact no one was coming to watch her be the lead. However it was in her ability (and hers alone)to place Via in a position where her family would see her onstage in the spotlight for awhile despite Auggie's constant needs, for the first time.

When you are the only person able to create such happiness and magic for several other people who live day to day with surgeries and hassle (not to mention bullying) I believe that is even more empowering for your future self than just going with the lead in this one play.

It's staking your own belief in yourself, that you are much more than just this current achievement. Because you are the lead in a play/ a banker/ a doctor and what-not for 2 weeks, 15, 40 years. But you are who you are, for your entire life.

No, it's not easy. Nothing that is worth anything is ever easy. But people make sacrifices pretty often when they grow up. They're called parents. (Can you imagine what parenting looks like if parents literally make it "All About Them"?) Spouses. And many more besides. (If everyone does not want to yield how are you going to ever raise kids/ compromise on careers, and- and - why are Hong Kong taxi drivers often so angry on the road???)

"Sacrifices" ironically are one of the "backbones" of our society, whether the more selfish Type As care to admit it or not. (Come to think of it even your spine has bits with cartilage so you can bend and move right, and can you imagine how miserable everyone who drives would be, if the roads only had angry Taxi Drivers on them? (I'm just going to get cabbie hate mail now, aren't I :P))

You are your actions.

I never really got this, for a long time... (pic from meme generator)


True beauty (and worship, I was once taught) is in sacrifice and kindness.

ps: Remember when I said Rockstar had a wager going...

Remember this?

Rockstar's wager after cramming for as respectable a grade as possible (having spent the rest of his time on things like Youtubing Megalovania on Synthesia) was that if he makes "Merit or above" he gets Thor's Hammer.

We owe him Thor's Hammer. Only, he doesn't want the hammer anymore and it wasn't a Merit. (Hasn't decided what he wants, he can take a few months researching Amazon haha).

Something interesting about his ABRSM results - he could've put in more effort on practicing sight reading and scales - and his test scores accurately reflect that (I mention because it has always mildly annoyed me that sight reading and scales can easily be practiced straight out to help your chances on the bits you can't prepare for... and he's still so chill :P).

What "saved" him however (and Rockstar, dis is payback for the chill BUAHAHAHAHA) is - get this - his aural. He got a freakin' 17/18. Turns out he does have a bit of an ear and can sing in tune. But you'd have to light a bonfire under him before he'd ever do it (sing). Otherwise rest of the time he's just making goat noises. All over the apartment, all round the mountain trail at OB, a high, bright "Beh!" sound. Amazing they didn't leave him on the mountain somewhere 😀

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