Hillary Didn’t Lose Because She Was A Woman.

We had CNBC on as background noise around our latest batch of tie-dye projects, and Queen E was extremely disappointed "the girl" didn't beat "Donald Trunk," funny Youtubes notwithstanding. So this one's for her... I don't believe Hillary Clinton's loss had anything to do with her being a woman. I think she lost because she was less "real," and people saw that. So really, the thing Her Highness is gonna take home from Donald Trunk Becoming President is he didn't try to be someone else so people might like him more. Like it or lump it Americans, you get the hair, the sometime orange tan and the blustering, outrageous statements for President, if you vote for Trump. (If you didn't vote Trump then I'm so sorry.) As someone who has a daughter, in this case I hope Hillary being a woman never comes up. I don't like the articles calling this "a blow to women." (Yeah I know she is one, but it should never have been about that. The Democrats didn't choose a candidate so she could potentially be First Woman President, after President Obama was First Black President, did they? Surely not, since picking candidates because they are female vs picking candidates because they are not female = same difference. Like any hedge trade, it cuts both ways. Not to mention there are other world leaders and high achievers who are female, scroll to the end.) In an old episode of Fictitious-Yet-Not-Really West Wing, the very feminine and brilliant blonde-and-blue-eyed Republican character of Ainsley Hayes argues, "It's humiliating. A new amendment we vote on declaring that I am equal under the law to a man. I am mortified to discover there is reason to believe I wasn't before. I am a citizen of this country, I am not a special subset in need of your protection..." - Quote from a multi award-winning often idealistic show in the States about what happens when good men (and women) work in the White House from (already) more than a decade ago. Now the rub - if you are female and choose to have a (biological) child. Because no matter how enlightened, how fearless, how bright and capable you think you are, you are still the one who has to carry the child. Your body will not be your own for about a year. Two, if you breastfeed for the standard recommended year. Like it or not, you are the one born with the womb. The true beauty of the world today for women in this respect however, is you have a choice. (Not... always a good thing, but still a privilege. Terrifying, but... a privilege.) Chances are, your priorities will change at least for a few years - even if, perhaps even more so if, you adopted (I have friends who once struggled with infertility). After Rockstar was born, I came back from my standard 2.5 month maternity leave to a male senior RM conversationally mentioning that nursing would mean you need to seriously watch your work "aggro" levels, citing his own nursing wife as an example - he thought it made a difference to their child's personality, whether the mum was all "zen" while pregnant/nursing 😛 (Since I was predominantly dealing for him/his team I particularly appreciate his sincerity because he could've instead said something like "you better not get mummy juice in your investments products recommendations for my team ok...!") One of the other things thrown around was You See You See Battling Compliance Dept While Preggers Now The Baby Issa Monster (Come on, it was a dealing room. Trump is President. Sympathy laugh anyone? <ducks head back down>) There's hormones, pregnancy, not being able to take the gadzillion medications you would otherwise not think twice about taking, to zap that annoying cold that is putting you off your game at work. (Sure, after that you can stuff Baby Daddy with the stay-at-home-parent bit, but there is no getting away from the actual pregnancy and nursing.)
Unless you're this guy. (pic from wikipedia.com)

Unless you're with this guy 😀 (pic from wikipedia.com)

(Seriously, Arnie, you just HAD to do EVERYTHING, didn't you???)

(Seriously, Arnie, you just HAD to have EVERYTHING, didn't you?) - pic from alamy.com

Certainly I have friends who love their work (and paycheck) so much they have chosen not to have kids ever. Also some who think surrogacy would be a marvellous idea someday. Also not a few who struggled with infertility. (Again: Choice is a privilege.) But, Queen E, if you choose to have a mum experience for the most part and are not Arnold Schwarzenneger, then you cannot have it all. And that has nothing to do with social perception. You are simply of the gender born with the womb. If you choose to use it (and are so blessed as to be able to), you're going to have to think about raising your rockstar. And I'm not sure when you actually manage to farm off that real responsibility, whatever form it takes in your family. For more and a wider variety of female role models, check out Glamour US' annual Woman Of The Year Awards. Among them are:
Nadia Murad, ISIS Survivor

Nadia Murad, ISIS Survivor

First Woman to head the IMF Christine Lagarde (nominated by Queen Rania of Jordan, no less)

First Woman to head the IMF Christine Lagarde (nominated by Queen Rania of Jordan, no less)

Simone Biles, overcoming childhood exposure to drugs and alcohol to win 10 world championships.

Simone Biles, overcoming childhood exposure to drugs and alcohol to win 10 world championships.

In Biles' words: I'd rather regret the risk that didn't work out than the chances I didn't take at all.  What is your greatest risk? Mine is.... having kids. Taking a time out from my former work life, the only life I used to envision for myself when I was growing up, to raise kids and be present as a parent. It's the most terrifying, rewarding, did I mention terrifying... choice. Oh, and you do it knowing you could strive to do everything "right" and your kid could still grow up to be....
The next President of the United States

The next President of the United States

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Rockstarism #395 – Donald Trump Will Win!

#395 Rockstar: Mum. Donald Trump will win the US elections. He will be the next President. Me: OMG What? Why would you say that? <thinking: Is this like Paul The Psychic Octopus predicting World Cup outcomes?>
Imma Psychic Octopus - pic from Wikipedia.com

Imma Psychic Octopus - pic from Wikipedia.com

Rockstar: Look at all these great videos! Hey Queen E - finally, a Frozen video I like. -   (The People who make these Frozen or Poke Youtubes of the nominees probably have children... (Like, why else would someone watch Frozen :D) I wouldn't know Olaf from Poke if not for my kids...) Rockstarism: He's so. Funny!  Me: Uh.... These aren't made by anyone in the Donald camp, I don't think the people who made these videos actually like Donald Trump very much. Rockstar: President Obama's got nothing like this! (He tried, though - Kid President is a Youtube personality with some special needs, who started Youtubing because he couldn't run outside and play as much as other kids) - - Rockstar: There's a Pokemon Theme Song one too! The Pokemon People like (Donald Trump)! (To be fair, the Pokemon People also made one of Hillary Clinton, but - guess what? It had wayyy fewer hits.)  Me: That's not... meant to be a... good thing. Rockstar: What? No way. Look at this stuff. They are so funny. And there are so many.  - Me: D'you even know who's running against him? Rockstar: What? Who, against President Obama's party, right? The Demo - democretians.   Me: He might just be smarter than we think we know. Like when everyone thought the Terminator wouldn't make Governor of California but he even won a re-election.
pic from wikipedia.com

pic from wikipedia.com

(And, according to Storypick.com, Arnold Schwarzenegger didn't even take a salary as a public servant)
"I'll Be Back" - no kidding. - pic from storypick.com

"I'll Be Back" - no kidding. This Austrian Immigrant who made marrying a Kennedy a life goal really did, and was. What, you thought the Immigrants in the States only looked like "other" people?

Queen E: <authoritatively> Mummy. Did you watch the latest Donald Trunk video. Me: Excuse me? No - Queen E: You should, Mum-may. He's good.  Me: Oh really, did you watch the latest Donald Duck video? Queen E: Who's that, is he like, a chicken nugget?   Ps: Quite happy she doesn't know Donald Duck actually, never know what the duck is saying anyways  
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Rockstars’ Halloween 2016

Party of the Year, for the kids...
900 kids attend Rockstar's school... not counting their siblings or friends who come with...

~900 kids attend Rockstar's school... not counting their siblings or friends who come with... and the party goes on on a couple floors, in the gym, in the classrooms too...

Over the PA system... "Books are now HKD 50 a bag. 50 dollars a bag. Thank you."... It was also boiling that night, by the time I thought to take a picture off one of the balconies, people had seriously started shedding their costumes..
This the kids occasionally helping turn this playground into the Ghost Train for the night

...and in this playground which the kids are occasionally helping to turn into a Ghost Train for the night... every year I take early setup shift because there's a long queue to get in when the party starts. In earlier years it also allowed Rockstar to explore quietly without being scared out of his mind by the resident ghouls (and their siblings) who attend classes with him by day and morph into monsters haunting this thing by night. A favourite costume is School Zombie - fake blood over old school uniform. We dont do the scary but we love the whole dress up costume thing...

img_0919 img_0913img_0923 img_0920 img_0910 img_0916 img_0926 Then it's home to clean up and get dressed...
But not before I take a pic of this... Rockstar as a Y1 used to stay in the clown show session after session, and even now he's a Y5 he still enjoys some good old fashioned clowning

But not before I take a pic of this... Rockstar as a Y1 stayed in the Cheese Brothers clown show session after session, and even now he's a Y5 he still enjoys some good old fashioned clowning

And - Uh.. what is the Queen doing? img_0928 img_0934 Well anyway, kids go home and have proper veggies-filled dinners. Neither one will eat more than a piece or two of candy, even Queen E came up with the brainwave of spitting out half-eaten candy the moment she's had enough of it (Go Figure), and every year I eventually throw out the extras anyway.. I normally hate to see food wasted but the alternative is the junk  goes in you? umm... I pounce on any opening the kids' schools provide - dropped by Queen E's at snack time one day after she skipped breakfast and her table buddies are happily showing me sugar free cereal (another time on playdate it was organic coconut), and Rockstar just came home reminding me his apples are to be only organic (apples top the lists of highest-pesticide foods). Anyway back to this - and the rockstars back for the night... To see their rockstars...
Spot the Stuffed Animal: stuffed animal sitting on table next to the Cheeses looks just like Queen E's

Spot the Stuffed Animal: The Clowns Haz Animal Exactly Like Her Highness' - Affirmation! (Too bad I didn't get a pic while they were holding it earlier it's now on the table)

This one's taken at 9.48pm after they've announced ages ago that all the hard party animals need to find their way home :D

This one was taken at 9.48pm after they announced ages ago that all the hard partying animals need to find their way home 😀

I Haz a Tail

I Haz A Tail

Imma Umbreon.
pic from

pic from deviantart.com

Epilogue: Rockstar says there was someone wearing a President Obama mask with a t-shirt saying "I'm Donald Trump" LOL... My personal favourite however was a gorgeous tween girl in black tee and jeans and biker boots.... sporting the 1.5ft-high horns and lush black feathered wings from Maleficent. 
she was really wearing headgear like this ok... pic from disney.movies.co.uk

she was really wearing headgear that fit like this ok... pic from disney.movies.co.uk

And Her Highness... was pikachu all Halloween weekend. We washed and dried the outfit overnight for a few nights. This is the pikachu having her own rock concert the morning after. img_0993 img_0994 ps: Here's an analogy I tell the kids, re eating junk: Fill your body with good fuel, reap the benefits in how your body serves you on the playground. Run longer, be able to tag all your friends..... 
Lightning McQueen used da good fuel! (pic from Youtube.com)

Lightning McQueen uses good fuel! (pic from Youtube.com)

Fill your body with junk, and feel the difference...  
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