Miss-Speak #77 – The Indomitable Spirit of Queen E

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Walking on the street…

Queen E: I hope no one sees us…

Me: <worriedly> Why? I took out a nice change of clothes, you’re dressed quite nicely –

Queen E: But you’re not, Mum-may. 

Me: Next time, remind me not to feed or walk you so I have more time to put together a better look.

Queen E: <same expression, without skipping a beat> You look nice, Mum-may.


Handing me a trading card… 

Rockstar: Here, Mum. You can keep it.

Queen E: Wait wait lemmeseeitlemmeseeitlemmeseeit – <cheerfully> ok it’s not shiny, you can have it. 

(5 mins later Her Highness gives me her own shiny card, also from Rockstar.)


Overheard on the playground…

Queen E: Hey! Don’t throw things at my brother! <stamps foot for emphasis> He’s my brudda!!

Me (to Rockstar): Hear that darling? (Rockstar doesn’t react.) Isn’t that nice –

Queen E: (still yelling) I. Want to throw things at my. Brudda!!


One fine day…

Queen E: Mummy, why do we need the sky?

Me: Erm… Erm… That’s where the clouds are, we need them for rain, we need a place for birds to fly…

Rockstar: <face palms> Without sky there would be no atmosphere. Then all living things would die. Become extinct – 

Queen E: <shakes head> No, no, you’re (both) wrong. <authoritatively> You need the sky for rainbows <beams>

Life issa JOY.

Life issa JOY.


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And So It Begins.

Someone call Cute overload…



Queen Elsa just got her uniform. She still has a little while more until actual lessons, but she’s literally counting down the days.

Then look out world.

Then look out world. (This is really the pose and expression she struck ok…)


…Couldn’t hold it forever though… Pfft (snort)

Rockstar was quite relieved to hear she would not be in the same class as he.

Me: …Because he’s worried you won’t listen to him if ever he gets your group of little kids to help with.

Queen E: Oh. Yeah. That’s right. 

Rockstar: See, Mum?

Me: She won’t have a choice.

Queen E: But. ….He’s my. Ko-ko.

Me: You have to respect the belt because all the kids who reach that stage would’ve put in the work and followed the instructions and learned lessons to pass the gradings for it.

Queen E: But… <trails off><Brightens> We are not in the same class right?

She’s great with Rockstar’s friends (including saying things like, “You’re older than me, you’re not supposed to do that,” if they so much as THINK of bullying her), but kinda stomps on her big bro’s pride (and heart) with her big Elsa light-up shoes.. For e.g.:

Queen E: Mummy, I want Ko-ko’s gwape juice. He’s not drinking it anyway.

Me: That’s up to Ko-Ko. How much d’you think he wants to share with you after you (swat him on the shoulder) so many times?

Queen E: I didn’t hit him that many times. <pause> Because I missed.

Rockstar: <Grunts, but doesn’t look up from laptop><doesn’t bother to respond about the unfinished juice either>

Me: You’re not even supposed to try to hit him at all.

Queen E: Ok I want grape juice. I promise I won’t hit him. <pause> For 5 minutes.

Rockstar: <BIG SNORT>

Ah well, we'll see...

Ah well, we’ll see…

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Rockstarism #390/ Miss-Speak #75


Rockstar (coming up behind me while I’m on my laptop): Mummee I love yooooouuuuuuu…..!!! <pause> But you shouldn’t shop for your own things. 

Me: Knew it.

Rockstar: You should be shopping for your kids. <grins>

Me: Which ones would those be?


Rockstar: <coughs and coughs>

Me: Think this is the night you’ll actually take some cough medicine?

Rockstar: Hah. I’m not sick. 

Miss: Me! Mee! I’ll take it for Ko-ko.

Rockstar: You’re not sick either.

Miss: Then.. <trails off> Then… he’ll get… better...

Rockstar: <scoffs> Medicine doesn’t work that way. 

Miss: <grabbing his arm> But do. <grins winningly>


Indeed she does… The Miss is f-airly popular with Rockstar’s friends, but still with some of that “annoying little sister” juice on her – right up until she said this to some of them:

(Re Impending Bug Season (a.k.a. summer)

“Once, I held a bug in my hand. I squished it. All the other bugs saw. Now none of them dare to bite me.”  

(Not technically true about the bug, she’s much gentler with animals/ bugs than with her bro :P)

All Hail Queen Elsa... The Miss on her school "writing" assignment

All Hail Queen Elsa… The Miss on school “writing” assignment

So it’s the Miss’ turn to take Roly Poly – that’s the panda bear in the picture – on class assignment to “write” (really, narrate) about and, given the quality of work that’s gone before us, I’m uh, stressing about my K1 kid’s homework???? Kidding. Partly. 

This is also the last time we refer to her as The Miss. Because Her Highness has informed us that her pseudonym shall now be “Queen Elsa”. Unless you happen to be Rockstar reading this. Then you are to address her as “King”. Because you do not accord enough respect for “girl things” and can’t seem to say the word “Queen” without disdain.

It’s…. possible some of Rockstar’s buddies defect to the Queen after this latest coup.  

ps: She’s… not totally Frozen, she also wants to be a fireman. Like, a real fireman that puts out fires. Go figure.

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