Wordless Wednesday: Fountain Of Knowledge

In honour of the recent Book Week in school, Rockstar thought a little more contemplation was in order…


Rockstar is reading “Does My Goldfish Know Who I Am?” It’s got NO pictures, but each article is actually only 1-2 pages long while appearing decidedly… chim (“deep”). A great start to small print novels (and goldfish actually don’t have 3-second memories btw.)


(And I don’t know what these two thought they were doing, but they wanted a picture of it…)

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A New Generation Of “Spud-niks”

Remember when Ross on Friends dressed for Halloween as The First Russian Satellite + A Potato? (Sputnik + potato spud = Spudnik? Come On, Sympathy Laugh? Anyone?)

pic from tumblr

pic transposters.tumblr.com

It was Dress Up As A Book Character Day in school recently, and so colourful pictures of numerous wonderful personalities our kids read about abound. And then there’s the other stuff: When kids want to wear what they want to wear instead, they’re gonna find the most wonderful arguments for why. Rockstar’s one of ’em.

Guess which "book character" Rockstar was?

Guess which “book character” Rockstar was?

Gameknight999. *crickets chirping*

He argues this is very different from diamondranger-whatever-number who graced his school Halloween, because one is a book character, while the other is a gamer tag.

Wait, what?

pic from goodreads.com

pic from goodreads.com

Gameknight is the character from a series of – yes, really – gaming novels that people write in yet another exploitation manifestation of gaming fever, our kids’ generation. There are a. lot. of these things. Writers of tween and young adult stories caught on to the rabid world of gaming trend, even as popular gaming Youtubers also branch off into writing novels. We’ve got gaming-inspired playing cards, gaming-themed birthdays (and THEN some, because God forbid you organise something that makes your kid look uncool), an army of rockstar-esque gaming Youtubers that would usurp Middle Earth based on numbers alone, collectible vinyl figurines, wrapping paper, clothing, lunch bags, back packs…  why not the books?

pic from amazon.com

pic from amazon.com

Stampy for e.g., is at least as popular as a Youtuber as he is in the book series. (We haven’t read this particular series because Rockstar is so-so about the character.) Anyway, you will find gazillions of these on fishpond.com and amazon.com. Headsup, don’t just buy the books cos your kid loves the gaming characters and it is. A. Book. (We almost did. And then I skimmed through a couple. Some are churned out so quickly that they’re rife with grammatical mistakes and typos.)

So anyway this is Gameknight boarding the bus. (Note he’s not carrying weaponry).

IMG_3993 IMG_3994

Why yes, around him are Antman, Darth Vader, a fireman…. Rockstar says Horrid Henry was particularly popular because…. yes. He carries Nerf guns. The “no props” rule covered light sabers, regular as well as water Nerfs (apparently Water-Nerf Kid had his gear confiscated before you could say Dennis The Menace), though Harry Potters were mostly allowed to keep their wands “Because they don’t do anything except light up.”

Still don’t understand how come no one went as a Hobbit <facepalms>…

Rockstar: …there was also Iron Man….

Me: Isn’t that from a comic? (Not serious; like the gamer novels, they have Avengers, Transformers, Ninjago etc readers nowadays)

Rockstar: <ignores> and Batman…

Me: Also a comic.

Rockstar: <ignores> Think I saw Captain America… 

Miss: <happily, automatically> Issa comic!

Me: They’re all comics! You guys’ll exploit any chance to try and get away with whatever you want to wear anyway. (Rockstar had badly wanted to wear his diamond ore t-shirt to school.) And did anyone even know who you were? (Rockstar brought one of the books along in case he was asked).

Rockstar: No one asked. Everyone just called me “Crafting Table.”  (His t-shirt has a crafting recipe on it. And don’t get me started about how his friends all recognise this like it’s…. normal.)

Me: Which is technically not a book character either.

Miss: <happily> Issa comic! 

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Miss-Speak #37: “Wan Chai” Came Home


Hello, what's this?

Hello, what’s this?

IMG_3981 IMG_3982

"Wan Chai" came home

“Wan Chai” came home

The Miss has a large menagerie and exotic zoo of stuffed animals, not to mention a collection of stuffed toy cats named “Cat”. This one however is named “Wan Chai” after a friend’s rescued cat (yes, from Wan Chai) who goes by the same name, just because the real cat really does look like this toy.

The Miss has a current habit of taking her stuff out of their storage places and well, leaving things around – which is how Wan Chai got left in Margaret River in a swathe of blankets. He’s quite easily replaceable, as most kiddie items should be (because otherwise you are really setting yourself up for heartbreak and heartburn.) However, the nice people who rented us the place (yes, and who have Hongkie neighbours in the next ulu holiday home) emailed wanting to send the cat back.

And so we told the Miss what really happened (because otherwise we’d just leave her to forget haha) This had the unexpected effect, bearing in mind the Miss can say just about anything, of Wan Chai finding its way into conversations:

Miss: Mum! <running around brandishing air pistols> Ko-ko and I shot all the aliens! Wan Chai was watching from Heaven! 

Rockstar: Wait, what -?

Miss: Hissa angel. <beams> 

(Rockstar roars with laughter)

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