Rockstarism #392/ Miss-Speak #81

#392/81 Overheard one night in the darkness... Queen E: Dory? ....Dory? ...D'you still remember when you lost your mum and dad? Rockstar: <groans><in a high voice> Yeah I do, I was lost and sad. Now can I please go to sleep? Queen E: Yes you can, Dory. <pause> I was just checking...  Rockstar: <in his normal voice> Yeah... I know. Queen E:<cheerfully> Good night, Dory...! Rockstar: I'm asleep. <SILENCE>  And here we have the older child willingly being used as a sliding mat on the little kiddie bouncing castle...... image image image
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Little Kiddie Hamster Lesson In Kindness

Caveat... Pictures of rodents on children.... you've been warned... 🙂
Ham Kiss

Ham Kiss

So Rockstar always wanted a pic of Queen E's former school long-haired guinea pig on his head. As in, Fake Hair Piece. I wasn't very enthusiastic, because 1) Claws (near face) and 2) the thing poops and pees way more than I expected and even cleaning the cage almost every day and bathing him with diluted baby soap I was still a bit grossed out. Now we have our own rodent, and after watching her drowsily stumble out of her mug (yeah she sleeps in my (now her) Metropolitan Museum of Art porcelain butterfly mug because it's pretty) to a corner of the cage to deposit like, one drop of pee in a corner, I decided we could Go All The Way with this one.
When Rockstar heard, he let his sis go first (she asked. Of course.)

When she asked, Rockstar immediately let her go first.

So that's Bragging Rights #1

So that's Bragging Rights #1. Not that he made Ham on Head, but that he helped her go first.

Here's #2, the Ham Groom: image image image image When your rescued ham is comfy enough perched on your head to groom herself right there (instead of fleeing for her life) you're probably good to go with her. And finally -
Bragging Right #3: Ham Hairdo

#3: Dis is art. Dis one he'll show his friends.

Rockstar's kinda sensitive to sound and touch, so naturally we have to keep blasting music and tickling him send him to get kicked about in taekwondo sparring sessions look for rescued hamsters to put on his head. If you've never felt the scrabble of little clawed feet on your back or shoulders, lemme tell you, you haven't lived. Not to be outdone, JD horns in on the action. Usually, she hates cuddles and just wants to run in a field. Today however.... image image She invites herself into Rockstar's space. Rockstar btw, has a few spaces where no one shalt trespass (or make any noises in) without express permission haha It's Queen E though, who is our Border Collie's favourite. She used to mother Rockstar about, but now he's gotten bigger she's moved on to our second child. I just realised, we have very similar footage of JD playing with Rockstar in the same way, when he was Queen E's age.... but when he got bigger, JD stopped. JD's been with me since she was 4 months old when Kings bought her for me rather impulsively (she's now 14) . When I had a bad day, I would look around and find JD sitting quietly as close to me as she could. When she trained for months for HK International Agility Competitions, I was her handler (we won a Relay event under Advanced Agility). But... She's never, ever behaved this way with me, only the little people. I had a very well-known Gynea who loves dogs, and would say sometimes some animals can really be very gentle with children. Another patient of hers had a cat who was very particular about how and when she was touched, with the adults in the household, but the kids could get away with anything. And animals can have a capacity for love and kindness that can't be rivalled by most human beings. image image image image image image Queen E's teacher told me about a year ago not to stress about the academics. T'hat's kinda hard this year, because in HK in the most popular Dragon year in like, 60 years or something (this was told to me by a Korean mum), there's lotsa Type As. Her Highness at around 2 years old in pre-school had classmates who could already read simple words (and she still can't sit still for long haha) Well anyway we've got the Type A Hamster class.
Yes this a pic of Queen E having filled her doll house fridge, a picnic hamper and microwave oven with sunflower seeds.

Yes this a pic of Queen E 's doll house fridge, a picnic hamper and microwave oven filled with sunflower seeds.

The Queen's goal however, is to be able to go about her day with Gemma in her pocket. Haven't decided if that's happening yet... Stay tuned...
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Miss-Speak #80 – The Indomitable Spirit of Queen E Part II

It's like they can just write this blog for me... Rockstar (to Her Highness): So, are you going to finish your prawns or what? Queen E: What day is it today? Rockstar: What? It's Tuesd- Queen E: Yeah I don't eat all my prawns on Tuesdays. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Queen E: When I turn 5 I'll wish to be a superhero. (But) then..... I'll be naughty... and so God will take away my powers. So then... I'll have to wish to be the Singing Dinosaur. It's purple. I like purple.  Rockstar: <dissolves quietly into laughter> Queen E <doesn't notice> (to herself): I think it also dances. I can dance.. But.... dinosaurs probably poop a lot. On the ground.  Me: Is.... anyone else required in this conversation? Queen E: Not really. I'm doing fine by myself. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Queen E: <lets out a blood-curdling scream> Me: <comes running> What? What?  Queen E: Ko-ko!  Me (to Rockstar): What?? What did you do??  Rockstar: <NO REACTION> Queen E: He's not using the right tone to talk to me! He needs to speak to me nicely! He's my brudda!! Rockstar: Well, do you ever stop talking? You haven't stopped since we got here! Can you stop?? Can you just. Stop?? It's so. Annoying! Queen E: <tearfully> You didn't say "please". Rockstar: <automatically> Please - Queen E: Yeah only Mummy gets to say please. Me: Then what is Ko-ko supposed to say? Queen E: He's not supposed to speak at all. It's annoying. Rockstar: M-U-M. Me: Uh-oh. Ko-ko is spelling. When he spells, he's really unhappy with you. Rockstar: MUM. Me: What? I didn't take her suggestion, I'm talking to you, aren't I - Rockstar: MUM. Me: Wait lah, I need to think. What do those parenting books say, how'm I supposed to respond, besides "Stop it and sit down before I lock you up -" Rockstar: Why does she do these things, what are we going to do about her? Me: I don't know, I'm trying to think. Well it's not like we can leave her in the SPCA - Queen E: YYYAAAAAAAAY I'm going to play with cats. MEOW! MEOW! MMMEEEOWWW!!! Rockstar: MUM!!! Me: Umm.... Umm.... (to the Queen) OK, ok, if you don't stop making all that noise we won't bring you to the SPCA. Queen E: <quietens down immediately> Me: Ok.. ok. S-o... that worked. S-o............. why do I not feel good about that? Rockstar: Whatever. At least she's stopped talking. <disappears back into his laptop> Queen E: <whispers> meow. <grins widely>
We erm, asked her to play the piano. (She's.... Hiding under it.)

We erm, asked her to play the piano. (She's.... Hiding under it.)

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