Get A Worm: Queen’s E Latest Homework Assignment

Dis is work, people

Dis is work, people

Queen Elsa's Kindy has a worm farm. (Previously silk worms, but the kids have since released the emerging moths..) Naturally, parents were called upon to contribute any earthworms we might come across. Parents who go fishing might have more luck, (bait shop will probably pack some nicely for you in tupperware) but since I don't know any bait shop nearby, we went to look under a few rocks on one of JD's regular 3km walks at the Peak, over the recent Dragon Boat holiday.

Dis issa worm, people

We lucked out - Dis issa worm, people

After the rain, turning over a few paving stones yielded 3-4 small earthworms, but it took us much longer to actually catch one unharmed. (Speaking of which - did you know how fast these things disappear back in the soil when you unearth them? Still quite impressed...) Because we have no idea what the elasticity of earthworms is (how hard can you pull before they snap <cringe>) we kept digging too far under them - and they kept sliding away and escaping.

Finally...... Success!

Finally...... Success!

This is Princess Sophia Queen E (as in, she gave the worm a middle name after her own):
So this is "Princess Sophia"

Dis Issa Very Unhappy Worm

Queen E carries her worm the rest of the 1.5km walk back. Excerpt of conversation with mum friend: MF: You have to keep it alive till school? Me: Omg is it hard to keep the thing alive?? MF: Google it.... Me: .... 🙁  ...gross eyeful... MF: Ah yes!!! ....(Once had to) google tonsillitis.... So anyway:
"Can Earthworms Count" is one of the top hits??????

WHO are all these people who tried to teach earthworms to count???

Come morning however, Princess Sophia is barely alive. Really didn't expect that, I thought people on survival camp trips do things like keep live earthworms (won't go bad!) in their waist pouches for "protein" - how hard can it be to keep a worm in an open bag in an old sea monkey tank alive? On the way to school I email:

"...dug up a small earthworm yesterday in a park... found it dying this morning ..(Queen E) will be very disappointed..... we have a big favour to ask... transport the "sick" worm into the worm farm anyway..."

Immediately we get this reply, "No worries, will do our best to ensure "Princess Sophia" makes a full recovery in the worm farm... 😉 " They're lifesavers. ps: We should probably stick to bait shops next time because I think we secretly killed a worm that could otherwise have lived a long happy life on the Peak. Bait shop worms have their days numbered anyway, they're getting an upgrade in Kindy worm farms.       
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When There’s No Lego, The Guidecraft Dress-up Carousel’ll Do

Awhile ago, we bought this thing online for Queen E's birthday. Several cancelled orders later (because no one wanted to ship it), the pieces arrived. Added bonus: saved us getting a Lego set. I am guilty of calling Scratch projects and Ikea assembly instructions Lego sets. Everything's a Lego set. Or a jigsaw. Like, all those little kiddie pretend building sets they sell for tonnes of money (and convenience) and the there's lotsa real-life stuff you can use..

Over here we have under-utilised cheap free child labour to assemble furniture (NO glass; those are child-safe mirrors).

JD builds a mean Guidecraft Dress-up Carousel.

JD builds a mean Guidecraft Dress-up Carousel.

But Queen E did quite a bit with the alan key.

IMG_6891IMG_6889-2 IMG_6888IMG_6886

dis is an alan key (pic from

dis is an alan key (pic from

The instructions are quite comprehensive...

Lego instructions separated at birth

The instructions are quite comprehensive, the kids could search the parts for those little alphabet stickers... we put Queen E on Alphabet Location Detail... but we still ended up having to reassemble this thing a couple times. Ok fine, I held stuff up while they reassembled. And bickered about reading the instructions wrong.
She's using her little turtle magnets to pull the screws back out after unscrewing them.

Although here she's using her little turtle magnets to pull the screws back out after unscrewing them.

The turntable was tonnes of fun

The turntable was tonnes of fun...

Almost done...

Almost done...

...and voila! Now Anna and Whatsisname can go for a spin (while she takes an egg break)

...and voila! Now Anna and Whatsisname can go for a spin (while she takes an egg break)

...And now you know why there are animals strewn everywhere.

Joyously, Queen E moves all her Animal Subjects in. (Like, the look on her face is just cray, okay.)

Voila! Animal high-rise

Voila! Animal high-rise that goes round.... and round..... and round...... and round............!

Ps: I just got back. In a manner of speaking. Been awhile, my marbles were elsewhere.
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Rockstarism #391/ Miss-Speak #79: Raising Kids, By The Kids


From one of those parenting books I let Rockstar read because, you know, it's the least amount of effort to get material 😛

So, Lego builds, very Rockstar. Knocking something over (because she wants to improve on it), very Queen E. Rockstar: (after reading) This is meant to be sarcastic, right? Queen E: <triumphantly> Brains don't have hands! <wiggles fingers>  
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