Rockstarism #394/ Miss-speak #83


Me: Quick, get off your scooters. I see one of the mall guards coming.
Rockstar: Its fine mum, he’s just playing Pokemon Go. (Guard walks by on his phone) …See?


One day in the park…

Queen E: Mummy, I have good news. Gemma (her hamster) is not dead.
Me: That’s good to know.
Queen E: But I have actually something very very important to tell you. There are monsters in Gemma’s cage.
Rockstar: Oh really. And what did these monsters do?
Queen E: They left the cage door open

Me and Rockstar: !!!!!!!!!

Queen E: She’s probably still there, don’t worry.

Rockstar: <scolding> What if she gets lost? THEN what are you going to do… Hah? Hah?

Me: If she’s not there when we get home and she dies in the apartment we’re going to have to move. I’m not staying in a home with a decaying animal somewhere in our (built-in) furniture – and one that I used to know.

Queen E: <patiently> She’s not going anywhere, hamsters sleep in the day, you see.

Rockstar: Like we didn’t know that. How do you think she ended up in the SPCA, if she ends up back there they’re never going to let us get anything else.

(I’m like OMG what did he just say? What else are they going to adopt, a llama?)

Rockstar: …It’ll be all your fault. No more pets for you. 

Queen E: <patiently> She’ll still be there, Ko-ko.

Rockstar: HOW can you be so sure??

Queen E: <patiently> Because I forget to put her back all the time. 



In the lift with random neighbour…

Neighbour: Hi.

Queen E: Hi.

Neighbour: You have a border collie, right? I’ve seen you walking your dog.

Queen E: I also have a hamster. Have you seen her?

Neighbour: No, what’s she like?

Queen E: Her name’s Gemma. And I can tell you a lot about hamsters.

Neighbour: Oh really, like what?

Queen E: If you squeeze them their eyes bug out.

(Neighbour exits the lift still laughing)

Me: That’s not really true is it, why did you tell him that?

Queen E: <calmly> Oh yeah, sometimes even when you don’t squeeze them their eyes bug out.   

(I really need to sedate these children… or myself…)

img_0543 img_0542

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Very Rockstar Career Advice (shudder)

This is an old clip of Vietnamese-Chinese “mychonny” from Melbourne, parodying his mum and dad re grades and career choices. I don’t think they speak much English or he would be in SO much trouble ok… (Parents – HOW many of your Czechoslovakian as a second language-learning kids might be Youtube stars among the Czechoslovakian-speaking internet community at your expense <cringe>); Haha kidding and sorry about some of the language.. skip the first 30 seconds to get to the bit about grades and career choices:

So guess what he did after “B+ Again” went viral?

He made T-shirts! (pic from )

He made T-shirts! (pic from – yes he then put up an online store)

Ok so I guess it's his mum who is from China and dad is Vietnamese :P

(Ok so I guess it’s his mum who is from China and dad is Vietnamese :P)

Also I think the dad really wore that shirt a lot, I remember an old clip somewhere where the dad actually opened the door to his bedroom while he was filming, seemingly unaware the camera was rolling and asking (in… Vietnamese?) whether he’d been doing his homework or something…

Here’s a parent-teacher one:

He started making those clips when he was 17 and got Youtube-famous not too long after. My Crazy (older) Sister got him tv interviews… (Yes I posted this before, way back when the Queen was born…)

…and standup comedian spots at film festivals… and a movie contract (Wait, what?)

There was an interview somewhere, where mychonny said his parents still wanted him to go the traditional career route despite all this so he figured eventually when it all died down…… “A” for “a dentist”..?  :) )

What’s my point?

1) Besides the ‘affirmation that Parents, Some Of It Does Stick Even If It Looks Horrendous On A T-Shirt (they’re doing all this in their own home without going out to Melbourne Lan Kwai Fong or something ok, can even see the family altar in the background – there’s another couple teen Youtubers who are quite obviously doing this in their own home)…

2) It illustrates the extent to which jobs and a career really don’t look all like they used to when we were growing up. In several school talks over the years they give parents the variation of the statistic whereby our kids are going to grow up to compete for jobs that haven’t been invented yet.

It’s not that this hasn’t happened before, though – a certain student of the Classics (Literature, History, Archaeology of Greek, Roman etc ancient histories… I suppose the stuff about mythical creatures that she has described studying would be thrown somewhere in there as well…) went on to write a certain children’s book series about a boy wizard. Before Harry Potter however, there were very few people who would have thought to turn an otherwise “useless” degree choice into a multi-million dollar franchise of book series, movies, and probably Mc Donald’s Happy Meal collectibles somewhere in the world.

One of Rockstar’s friends has an elder sister who studied….. Geography I think it was. During her thesis about Arctic sea ice melting (please forgive me the horrible way in which I can still barely reproduce her detailed explanation of her chosen vocation), she was inspired to make getting on the National Geographic and conservation teams her goal.

I have a close friend whose niece loves music and pursued a degree… So she convinced her niece to take a few modules in child care and her niece is now doing post graduate studies in music as therapy for special needs kids.

Passion, motivation and interest sometimes trumps simply results, in the sense that if you really love what you do, you are more likely to fight to find a way to make what you love your livelihood…

3) The cliche (but very true) “If you choose a job you love you will never have to work a day in your life”. Or rather, you have to be able to take the worst day in your job. My dad’s older brother is a heart surgeon, and staying in his house in Bishan during exam times over the years (was quieter to study there than in the student hostels) I would think omg your worst day at work is someone dying. How could I ever be able to do something like that for a living?

To. Be.. Continued….


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One Fine Morning…

…I walk by and pause…

Me: Uh….

Rockstar: What?

Queen E: Hi, Mummy.

They moved all their breakfast things into bed.

They made a pillow and blanket fort and moved their breakfast into it. On the bed.

Also, Rockstar is growing a foot out of his chest.

When I pass them a couple minutes later…

That arch was vigorously moving about seemingly independently of their eating their breakfast casually in our bed.

Well… He has removed the foot from his chest. While still nonchalantly eating his breakfast with the other hand. All the while, that “arch” is vigorously pushing back and forth

Me: I didn’t even know what to say about that the first time.

Queen E: About what, Mummy?  


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