Strong Is The New Pretty, This Friday…

1) Strong Is The New Pretty. Photographer mum’s depiction of her sporty, fearless daughters, aged 6 and 9.

And she has a helmet on!

And she has a helmet on!

Mean girls. On the field, that is :) (SO much better than the movie ones, don't ya think?)

Mean girls. On the field, that is :) (SO much better than in the movie, don’t ya think?)

Dis is cute, though...

Dis is cute, though…

The Miss would be sooo fascinated by this last, because it involves two huge loves for her – water, and a BALL. Throw in the school guinea pig or the dog, a few places she can seriously make your heart stop by clambering up – the higher the better – and she’s going to be having all her meals here. Better yet if you can swing an IV drip so her hands are free.

For real though, I especially like sports for girls because somehow I have this idea it nixes some of the Mean Girls mall crawling, preening and slam-booking… Also, you’re not checking your phone/ Facebook on the pitch or in the pool or sparring ring… In a world where we increasingly can’t seem to put our smartphones down, playing a sport where you have to watch the ball or your opponent or etc makes you forget about what’s on your phone for awhile.

Also, the message is clear: for your team to score, for everyone to win, you need to learn when to pass the ball. (Played netball for OUB in the Singapore Corporate Games predominantly as wing defense; we came in third :)



2) Why A Harvard Professor Has Mixed Feelings About Going Into Finance

“…You might assume that stock markets are just a big casino, in which skilled traders extract money.

But arbitrageurs can create value, and stock markets can play an important social function. They determine which companies receive capital cheaply and which pay a heavy price for it, determining where factories are built, which retail stores are expanded and where research and development happens…” 



3) In honour of Rockstar’s current learning unit in school about Geography….. I think. (Not sure about the “honour” part): 17 Powerful Images Showing The Devastating Effects Of Overpopulation.


Tar-rich zone in Alberta, Canada


Extracting coal in Tagebau Hambach strip mine, Germany

Our tech rubbish that usually ends up in a third world country

Our tech rubbish that usually ends up in a third world country

Geography of Olde was my most-hated subject going into SRP (the government public exam you take aged 15 or 16). To me it was all memorise-which-country-produced-what. Not sure how much application there was, I just remember being grilled and grilled on pure memory work.

(Now, pure mugging – memorising – is really not my strong point. My Sour Grapes response to 3 hour closed book exams (which to me are like the worst thing I will ever do in my life) is WHERE In Life Am I Going To Be Seated At A Desk Where I Can’t Just Google, And Need To Vomit Out Everything I Know In 3 Hours? Now, remembering WHERE to look for what I need quickly, that’s a different story…….)

So anyway I much prefer the way Rockstar is learning his Geography now, all “real-world application”… They even threw in a little reading encouragement - there is an English reader series out there based on the character, “Flat Stanley.” Before Easter break, the kids decorated their own Stanleys (I then took Rockstar’s to be laminated because I had no idea how long FS had to last before we got The Pic Rockstar would choose to apply to his assignment).

Dis Rockstar's Flat Stanley. In da plastic.

Dis Rockstar’s Flat Stanley. In da plastic.

Rockstar did dis.

Rockstar did dis. (Yes the “D-uh” shirt was his idea)

Part of the reason being because close to 10 years ago, JD did…



From A Dog’s Beautiful Life



4) This just in: Tweeting Grannies is a thing. Here’s one. (Call me a prude however, I think granny or otherwise, no one should dress in just leaves for a gadzillion people on the internet. Or get stoned. No getting stoned. Because if you are out of your tree you are probably not thinking of new ways to Save The World (from global warming and stuff).

(In the interests of full disclosure, my 91 year old grandma had at one point an email account with the name “sublime.” Simply because her initials and maiden Chinese name sound like the word :D (she was in her mid-70s btw). I don’t know if she still has it, I should probably check, but I remember in JC being asked what all the lesbian porn spam emails  she was getting was about <major cringe> proving it’s not just our kids we need to protect from stuff on the internet :D)

Naughty Grannie

I rest my case.



5) Rockstar Skit is …. Wait for it…. Basketcase. :D:D:D

Hangin’ out just shootin’ a couple hoops one evening, the Miss decides to put herself in the hoop…

Why not?

Why not?

Eschewing otherwise characteristic seriousness, Rockstar decides to join her.

(Admittedly the first time she did this, Rockstar was uh, not happy; he was trying to shoot some hoops and all! Sometimes she’s helpful in encouraging our otherwise too-serious elder offspring to laugh things off. When she’s not making him absolutely catatonic.)

Why not?

Why not indeed?

And now….

Issa slam dunk!

photo 3-191photo 4-151photo 5-85

Good weekend, dears…

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Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Little Kids Learning Coding

(And yes, that is a Minecraft sword on the wall)

(And yes, that is a Minecraft sword on the wall)

Rockstar has not yet come of age to make school Coding Club, but we found this particular external course over the recent Easter break specifically for younger kids (min age 7. No, Rockstar was not the youngest). Why yes, they had class even on the actual public holidays, to the extent I didn’t immediately realise it was a public holiday (which is fine, just I had to double check it wasn’t a typo on the class schedule).

The above pic is of a full class (well actually a bit over full class) on the public holiday. Language spoken: English. Other language spoken: Cantonese. At least, the only other language I overheard was Cantonese. We were told this class is made up of ISF, Victoria and Kellett school kids, with Rockstar making Kennedy School representation so to speak :)

What I found mildly amusing however was that walking to class together, I notice at least a couple Angry Birds bags of the freebie variety from Wellcome’s coupon campaign not too long ago. BUT when they get to class, the kids take these really impressive-looking laptops out of their crappy (fine, well-used) bags :D (laptops provided for class upon request, but I’m not sure anyone borrowed them. Frankly Rockstar’s school has more than enough good machines, they just did a major upgrade of inventory over Christmas, so I wasn’t really thinking about Rockstar having his own designated machine or not; that first day it was more Ok, Why Not Bring The Laptop He Uses Regularly At Home Just In Case… But……..!).

On Day 1, we’re all looking for the classroom together (did I mention the public holiday?), the kids enter this new classroom for the first time, and without blinking the first thing they do is look for a power source. Then they calmly plug in and open their machines like pros.

That same first day, the 7 year old seated next to Rockstar leaned over, raised his eyebrows and chirped, “You’re not at 100% (charged laptop battery) for class?!” (Way to kiasu ok, didn’t everyone already plug their machines into power sources…) According to Rockstar, there was a lot of throwing jokes around, good natured mouthing off that included ribbing the teacher about how he was “probably like, 50 years old” (he’s 31), and the youngest kid had problems sitting still to complete the later tasks without being repeatedly reminded to stop snooping at everyone else’s screens (i.e. they’re not erm, robots who sit at their screens and don’t move)…

So they’re little kids, except…. they’ve all got these shiny laptops in their Angry Birds bags.

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Rockstarism #363/ Miss-Speak #46 – A Very Solomon Solution

#363/ #46

Me (to Rockstar): So which place did you want to research for your assignment?

(Before Rockstar can respond)

Miss: Nooooo. Stop. Talking. Noooooo.

Me: Fine. You have homework too. Then we start on yours first.
Me (to Miss): What do you want to bring for Show n Tell?

Miss: Umm… umm…

Rockstar: Well? If we stop talking you start talking.

Miss: <straight-faced> Mine-cwaft.

Rockstar: <flinches> Uh-oh… 

Miss: <sweetly> I want to bring Mine-cwaft, Mum-may…

Rockstar: No! You’re not bringing my stuff! What if you break it, what if you lose something?

Me: Erm… What about the little figures, you have some duplicates right? Oh no wait, your duplicates are gross – how am I going to explain to your sister’s school when she shows her classmates Minecraft zombies and zombie pigmen?

<Rockstar snorts>


Rockstar: I know! Why don’t you let her take (Polaroid) pictures of all my stuff that she wants to talk about? Then she even gets to use that (instant camera from before Rockstar was born, that I recently found while cleaning up). I’ll take everything out for her to take pictures. Ok, Miss?

<Miss nods>

Me: Shoulda named you Solomon, your Highness.

Rockstar: What, I just don’t want her to lose my stuff. <mutters> I’ll go crazy.

Miss: Yaaaaaay!

Partners In Crime striking an agreement

Partners In Crime striking an agreement (no, actually sharing a snack)

ps: In the end she’s not bringing Polaroids of Rockstar’s Minecraft Lego etc though… Just said that to yank his chain..

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