Prada and Iguana

Blast from past…

In one of my first Prada dresses, about 7 years old, battered little Burberry bag superglued together… and the iguana’s name is Iguana probably because the handler didn’t want to bother with teaching me the animal’s real Thai name… I don’t know what the furry thing is but it was almost weightless (Iguana is surprisingly heavy) and I’m in this weird position because I had to keep it from pawing at the other animal (which is quite dumb, come to think of it, because Iguana had serious CLAWS – the handler was going “No bite, no bite” and I was Who Cares If It Bites)….. and then also I remembered seeing someone pose with these animals and get peed on.

Lessons learnt from life experiences? a) if you have to be near things that might pee on you then you should take precautions to avoid being peed on, and b) you shouldn’t be pawing at things that have CLAWS. 

Metaphors for Life, really.



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The Rockstars On Their First Day Of Easter Break

After a rousing session of jumping on the bed with the Miss, Rockstar got upset the previous night when he couldn’t fall asleep. He also fails to sleep in the following morning. At times like this Rockstar would rather get up and get some of his regular math practice done than toss and turn futilely trying to get back to sleep, so that is what he does.  He then finishes early, and gets to escort the Miss to Chinese (she is completely not off for Chinese tuition, as it turns out – so we’re having both kids work especially hard on their Chinese, this holiday period. The only tuition Rockstar ever takes is Chinese anyways, because we can’t adequately support it at home on our own…)

Are they cute or what?

Are they cute or what?

Yes, The Miss was positively delighted by her escort to class yesterday morning………. until she realized we were leaving her there as usual <jaw drops in horror>

So I think that was the loudest she ever cried on morning drop off :D (“Morning drop off” btw is a one hour starter-drop off and parents and helpers often stay close and quietly peek in to monitor how they’re doing on their own for the first time…)

Rockstar’s expression as he hurriedly scoots out of sight on my instruction…….. is a mixture of sheepishness (oops I made her cry) and delight (she’s crying because she wants to hang with me!)

We have local breakfast nearby........

We have very local breakfast in the very local food court nearby……..

And I leave Rockstar to my laptop while I duck quickly into the nearby bathroom… Only to emerge not 2 minutes later and find my laptop abandoned. Seeing other helpers and parents walk up to pick the Miss’ classmates, he’s rushed to follow suit and collect her. Couldn’t even wait for me. Humph.

And his expression is like that when he brings her back because he can't wait for her to finish her sandwich and chase him around.

And his expression is like that because he can’t wait for her to finish her snack so she can play

(She of course deliberately takes her time. And tries to feed everyone else and a few birds.)

But All’s Well That Ends Well.

Or, This Is Why Our Elder Child Is Always In A Helmet.

Or, This Is Why Our Elder Child Appears To Always Be In A Helmet Near The Younger One

(No she’s not throwing it intentionally at his head, she’s trying to play “catch.” Unfortunately “catch” often looks like she is intentionally trying to bean someone.)

That last pic was taken shortly before Rockstar crashed and went home to zzz. Finally.

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Little Miss-Speak Rockstarism – Well We’re Not Proud Of It

#6 / #313

Feeding time in the Rockstar household, I emerge from the shower to find:

The Miss (holding up nearly empty bowl): More please!

Me: Did you really feed yourself that?

The Miss: Feed JD.

Rockstar (barely looking up from Playmobil space station): It’s true. I saw her.

Me: Why are neither of you filled with remorse? (Rockstar was supposed to stop her from feeding JD and obviously she is supposed to be practicing feeding herself)

Rockstar (still not looking up from space station): Well we’re not proud of it….

The Miss: Feed JD more please!



Random pic of Partners In Crime. No they didn’t get to do this for long, because for one thing she’s not wearing a helmet…

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