Miss-Speak #80 – The Indomitable Spirit of Queen E Part II

It’s like they can just write this blog for me…

Rockstar (to Her Highness): So, are you going to finish your prawns or what?

Queen E: What day is it today?

Rockstar: What? It’s Tuesd-

Queen E: Yeah I don’t eat all my prawns on Tuesdays.


Queen E: When I turn 5 I’ll wish to be a superhero. (But) then….. I’ll be naughty… and so God will take away my powers. So then… I’ll have to wish to be the Singing Dinosaur. It’s purple. I like purple. 

Rockstar: <dissolves quietly into laughter>

Queen E <doesn’t notice> (to herself): I think it also dances. I can dance.. But…. dinosaurs probably poop a lot. On the ground. 

Me: Is…. anyone else required in this conversation?

Queen E: Not really. I’m doing fine by myself.


Queen E: <lets out a blood-curdling scream>

Me: <comes running> What? What? 

Queen E: Ko-ko! 

Me (to Rockstar): What?? What did you do?? 

Rockstar: <NO REACTION>

Queen E: He’s not using the right tone to talk to me! He needs to speak to me nicely! He’s my brudda!!

Rockstar: Well, do you ever stop talking? You haven’t stopped since we got here! Can you stop?? Can you just. Stop?? It’s so. Annoying!

Queen E: <tearfully> You didn’t say “please”.

Rockstar: <automatically> Please –

Queen E: Yeah only Mummy gets to say please.

Me: Then what is Ko-ko supposed to say?

Queen E: He’s not supposed to speak at all. It’s annoying.

Rockstar: M-U-M.

Me: Uh-oh. Ko-ko is spelling. When he spells, he’s really unhappy with you.

Rockstar: MUM.

Me: What? I didn’t take her suggestion, I’m talking to you, aren’t I –

Rockstar: MUM.

Me: Wait lah, I need to think. What do those parenting books say, how’m I supposed to respond, besides “Stop it and sit down before I lock you up -”

Rockstar: Why does she do these things, what are we going to do about her?

Me: I don’t know, I’m trying to think. Well it’s not like we can leave her in the SPCA –

Queen E: YYYAAAAAAAAY I’m going to play with cats. MEOW! MEOW! MMMEEEOWWW!!!

Rockstar: MUM!!!

Me: Umm…. Umm…. (to the Queen) OK, ok, if you don’t stop making all that noise we won’t bring you to the SPCA.

Queen E: <quietens down immediately>

Me: Ok.. ok. S-o… that worked. S-o…………. why do I not feel good about that?

Rockstar: Whatever. At least she’s stopped talking. <disappears back into his laptop>

Queen E: <whispers> meow. <grins widely>

We erm, asked her to play the piano. (She's.... Hiding under it.)

We erm, asked her to play the piano. (She’s…. Hiding under it.)


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Hamster In Da House (Or, This Is What Happens When Wishes Don’t Come True…)

This is Gemma.

See Gemma.

Gemma is sliding down a ramp because I couldn’t find the staircase attachment of Queen E’s old Sylvanian Families doll house.

pic from torsos.co.uk

pic from toysrus.co.uk

These things can be found in the “educational” sections of some toy stores in HK because of the “role play” element. Periodically they go on sale, during which the whole of Hong Kong will swarm Sogo in Causeway Bay we once happened to be in the area (never again) and so after biting of the apple (and buying a house) I would check out gilt.com and amazon.com for bargains.

But back to how we now have a hamster.

Remember this?

Remember this?

Well the lobsters died. One kept crawling out of the tank (the filter and thermostat lines meant the plastic top wasn’t as secure as it otherwise would be, and the more vicarious of the two lobsters loved to squeeze its way out) and we finally didn’t find it before its gills dried out. It was dried up under the tv cabinet one morning. The other one… simply passed away for no apparent reason (we still had fish in there that survived and lobsters are supposed to be hardier than fish so it doesn’t seem to have been a problem with the tank itself…)

Not too long ago, Queen E wished for a frog. But then…

'Gemma' used to be 'Fatty'.


Gemma (formerly “Fatty” because apparently at the prerequisite vet checkup when they found her on the street and brought her in she was overweight) was HKD 20 to adopt, and they deduct it against any purchases of supplies at the in-house SPCA pet store downstairs. Wait – they found her on the street? This is one lucky hamster ok, she’s only 2-3 inches long and she didn’t get eaten by crows or cats or rats.

I had to fill in forms, including sign a waiver after submitting my residence address and HKID for records that says I will allow authorities to inspect whether the animal is being taken care of properly. They have a separate form if you want them to hold the animal so you can think about it, and I think they said for dogs or cats there’s a 3 day waiting period.

Queen E perks up.

Rockstar: No. We are NOT getting a cat.

Rockstar: No, we are NOT getting a cat.  (Staff are playing with feline inmates by waving those flexible wands with feathery things on the ends)

That was how we got the idea to look for a hamster here though – another mum friend adopted a beautiful big glossy black cat with white markings whom we all affectionately refer to as “Wan Chai”. Queen E gets wistful at Rockstar’s SEN friend…… who is the cat’s favourite person :)

So anyway –

These two get to know 'Fatty' on the floor of the small animals cell... I warn them repeatedly they are not getting the hamster if she's jumpy, or they can't handle her properly...

These two get to know ‘Fatty’ on the floor of the small animals cell… I warn them repeatedly they are not getting the hamster if she’s jumpy, or they can’t handle her properly…

Kings texts, “So cute, is it a rat?”

She keeps them pretty occupied. Especially the Miss.

The “rat” keeps them pretty occupied. Especially the Miss.

Queen E got very interested in rodents because of Guinea, her preschool school pet

Remember Guinea from a year ago?

The Safari Kid school pet got adopted permanently, Queen E got bigger and rowdier (ok she was always a tomboy but very gentle with animals), but she never outgrew her love of animals, particularly small ones.

And well, she was always quite good with cleanup.

And well, she was always quite alright about cleanup (because she wanted to get to keep the critter).

I think child labour is awesome 😛  They have so much energy anyway, and they want to keep rats, spiders, worms, the 10 billion bugs you come across on a Peak hike (or is that just my kids). Queen E’s famous last words when she comes across a strange critter are, Does It Bite? One day she is going to find a rattlesnake Look Mummy! Musical Snake! Dussit Bite? 

Of course having the thing comes with cleaning up after it, the kids may need help but they have to do as much as they can themselves. (For real though, our domestic helper of about a year doesn’t touch the rodent cage because I almost expect to get a call from her agent saying we never said when we hired her that there would be a hamster in the home.) And this Gemma the Russian Dwarf is (touch wood) even easier than I thought – we only need to change her bedding like, twice a week, and that’s just me emptying the stuff in a trash bag, after which the kids lay everything out… She keeps the kids occupied (bonus: no screen time!) when we’re at home, and the SPCA lady was amazed that I used to let my 16 hamsters run around my bedroom and then take hours to find all of them and put them back in their cages (sometimes they were gone for days) – apparently you don’t even need to do that. There are umpteen cage attachments and things so Rockstar’s keeping his fingers crossed – he assembled Gemma’s current gear too. “Like Legos”.

Heck, I don’t know who the hamster is for – them or me. I love animals. Animals love you if you’re not an @hole to them. They don’t care what you look like. If you’re patient, gentle, kind, they love you. It’s the greatest reward when you have a pet, to be loved unconditionally; I loved it and I wanted the kids to enjoy it too.

So this is Gemma looking for a snack in her toy kitchen

So this is Gemma looking for a snack in her toy kitchen



And grooming at her dresser (all the tiny bits are superglued down so she can't put something in her pouch)

And grooming at her dresser

Queen E sleeps next to the cage, and sometimes in the wee hours of the morning I’ll peek at them and Gemma’ll be running silently on her hamster wheel. Or, she’ll be watching the hamster sleeping. (No, those two never get to wake the animals in this house; sometimes they wake the humans but that’s another story).

All because a little wish for a frog didn’t come true.

Next time you don’t get your frog, don’t forget your hamster.

Have a good week ahead, dears…

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Red Belt In Da House

By now it takes about a year between belt grades; gradings btw are traditionally on Sunday nights at a local sports centre way across town from where we live…

Normally, he already is quite serious, but tonight...

Normally, he is already quite serious, but tonight…



Student line-up…  image




Epilogue… Hissa red belt now…

Some of the kids in the advanced class can even do back flips and things…

But this stage is cuter.

But this stage is cuter.

Sometimes older siblings get to sit in on the little kiddie classes...

Sometimes older siblings get to sit in on the little kiddie classes…

But after that Rockstar’ll hiss, “Did you see that? She’s just mental!” 

ps: Serious as he is about regular training though, Rockstar’s stopped competing in tournaments; partly because he’s gotten a little bigger since then. The events go by weight category, and while he just squeezed into the previous weight group (i.e. one of the older or bigger ones in his weight category – in which btw in the 3 fights he had at the last tournament he was the most junior belt), by now he would have grown into the next category… which means a high likelihood of older/ even more senior belted kids. I never knew little league-anything was that serious, but sometimes I look at all the little kids nowadays competing in various sports, and they’re really, really serious about winning ok… And well, Rockstar is famously… not. haha. <shrugs>

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